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anyone impatient?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Smitty58, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Smitty58

    Smitty58 Senior Member
    Messages: 223

    This will be my 2nd yr with a plow vehicle. Last yr with a Jeep I did alright but was pretty uncomfortable so this year I bought a new F-350 and had a Western 8' Ultramount installed. I bid on about 30 commercial props but so far have not heard from any. I guess it is still early but man I'm getting impatient waiting for the phone to ring. Anyone else share the same affliction?
  2. Killswitch

    Killswitch Senior Member
    Messages: 246

    If you are waiting for the phone to ring you are taking the wrong approach in my opinion. Certainly depending on when you mailed the supposed quality bids, I'd be on the phone giving a courtesy call.

    Let them know you are filling up fast and dont want them to be shut out as opposed to seeming desparate for the job.

  3. PerfiCut L&L

    PerfiCut L&L Senior Member
    Messages: 178

    Not sure exactly what you mean by "you bid on about 30 properties" but as Killswitch stated, you should be taking bore than one approach. Dont put your all eggs in the same basket.

    Did you submit "formal bids" or do you just send out "solicitation estimates". When we submit formal bids generally we know within a few days after the deadline what the results are. With solicitation estimates - like flyers and brochures, there easily overlooked for what they really are and discarded in the oval filing cabinet, leaving you waiting for that call that will never happen.

    If you really want results, walk into the office ask for the owner, property manager, maintenance manager or who ever is in charge / capable of making a decision, and talk to them in person. 90% of the time you will know right then if that job is a yes or no deal.

    Good luck.