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Anyone Have a Titan XD?


Junior Member
Nissan is discontinuing the Diesel version. So sad. Toooo many problems with the newly designed engine and tooo much trouble for service at dealerships. Only diesel the techs have seen.
I do own a 2016 Nissan Titan XD Platinum Reserve and although I went through a lot of early adopter "growing pains", the powertrain is pretty good. Just dumb stuff like door seals leaking, rear third brake light cracking, ECM re-programs, overzealous torque limiting from the PCM/TCM and the dreaded "dead pedal" etc had me back and forth to the dealer for a bit. I find the tranny shifts rougher than say an F-150 and more similar to my 2016 Ram 2500 Diesel. I have had zero engine or transmission issues issues, just the rough shifting.

-Reliable Diesel power plant - It has been used in the camper and vocational industry since 2013. So it was a proven design. Yes you will read some people on the forums have broken a crank but honestly, take it with a grain of salt. I have 100k with frequent heavy towing without issues.
-Aisin Transmission is a hardcore tranny for this truck.

-Semi floating axles. They really should have sourced the fully floating sister ones from American Axle for the small cost difference.
-Tranny shifts rough unless loaded. (not a dealbreaker for me as I need it to tow)
-Fuel economy (loaded and empty)- Same or a bit worse towing as it's big brother the 6.7 found in the Ram. (biggest disappointment for me for when I towed out to the East Coast of Canada from Ontario with a 10 000lb trailer)
-Not many plows designed for it due to owning such a small market share of the truck market.

All in all, I would not hesitate to plow with it however I would expect to maybe do more maintenance on the front end. (axle seals, bearings etc)

Next year I will be re-entering the commercial plow industry as a sub-contractor. I think I will want to get a 3/4 ton from one of the big 3 to have a larger selection of plows to choose from and to address some of my points above. :)

I just recently purchased a '16 XD Platinum Reserve with the Cummins, have been stuck choosing either a Fisher, Snowex, or Hiniker plow. Truck has a 2" rough country level kit with Bilstein 5100s.