Anyone Have a Titan XD?

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    I do own a 2016 Nissan Titan XD Platinum Reserve and although I went through a lot of early adopter "growing pains", the powertrain is pretty good. Just dumb stuff like door seals leaking, rear third brake light cracking, ECM re-programs, overzealous torque limiting from the PCM/TCM and the dreaded "dead pedal" etc had me back and forth to the dealer for a bit. I find the tranny shifts rougher than say an F-150 and more similar to my 2016 Ram 2500 Diesel. I have had zero engine or transmission issues issues, just the rough shifting.

    -Reliable Diesel power plant - It has been used in the camper and vocational industry since 2013. So it was a proven design. Yes you will read some people on the forums have broken a crank but honestly, take it with a grain of salt. I have 100k with frequent heavy towing without issues.
    -Aisin Transmission is a hardcore tranny for this truck.

    -Semi floating axles. They really should have sourced the fully floating sister ones from American Axle for the small cost difference.
    -Tranny shifts rough unless loaded. (not a dealbreaker for me as I need it to tow)
    -Fuel economy (loaded and empty)- Same or a bit worse towing as it's big brother the 6.7 found in the Ram. (biggest disappointment for me for when I towed out to the East Coast of Canada from Ontario with a 10 000lb trailer)
    -Not many plows designed for it due to owning such a small market share of the truck market.

    All in all, I would not hesitate to plow with it however I would expect to maybe do more maintenance on the front end. (axle seals, bearings etc)

    Next year I will be re-entering the commercial plow industry as a sub-contractor. I think I will want to get a 3/4 ton from one of the big 3 to have a larger selection of plows to choose from and to address some of my points above. :)

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    Milks, welcome to p/s. good info / don't be a stranger Thumbs Up :drinkup:
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    Thank you!!! Happy to be here! :)