Anyone had a problem with a sander damaging the truck bed?

Discussion in 'Fisher Engineering Discussion' started by farmboy52787, Feb 24, 2008.

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    I dont know if this is the right place to post my question but after yesterdays storm, my Fisher Procaster sander bent the front wall of the truck bed forward. It was just a little though and it cracked the rhino liner. I only have a 30 inch 6x8 in between the front of the truck bed and the front of the sander. The sander sets on 4x4's as well. I always plow with my 2 yard sander full. The truck is use is a 2006 Silverado 3500 Regular Cab. But up here in Maine the snowbanks are like concrete and i may have hit some harder than i should have. I think if i get a longer piece of 6x8 then that will help the situation. Also I didnt know if somebodody else had this problem and maybe it was covered under the factory warranty for the truck bed being defective or not strong enough? This is the first season i have used a sander in this truck and I have used it for a total of 12 storms now. Just looking to find out if anyone else has had this sort of problem. Thanks

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    You put a sander in a truck load it with sand and it shifted and hit the front bed rail and bent .And you think this could be warranty issue as a defect in quality/workmanship?:confused Not wanting to seem sarcastic but are you serious?:rolleyes:
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    Jeez Adams Welding I have to agree with you. it's like if I hit myself in the head with an iron bar, Will it hurt..
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    wait a second, you're not using straps or chains to hold the sander down? just using a 6x8 to fill in the gap?
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    Most of the companies here in Ottawa take the truck bed off, & bolt the salter to the chasis for the winter!
  6. basher

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    Straps would help:dizzy:
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    I had my son do my truck( 88 F-250) in with a concrete block smashing in the front of the p/u bed wrinkled the cab also..then he wanted to move it back and he backed up and hit the brakes and blew my tailgate all apart...Insurance company said it was two accidents b/c they happened more than 10 seconds apart so we got two deductables...RRRRRrrrr stuff Happens....not always good stuff....that truck is history and we have a newer one F-350 p/ the power and the 11,100 lb GVW.
    My son has grown some since then...Thank The Lord !
  8. Chevy 2500 hd

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    No Its straped down and hasn't been shifting we put the block in there to prevent the sander from shifting ahead
  9. BSDeality

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    if it was properly strapped and secured then it will not move, even if its full of sand/salt. Sounds like operator error to me. Warranty's don't cover ignorance.
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    I think the guys are being a little hard on you but they are right. The sander needs to be strapped down better, it must have movement in it to bend the front of your box. Box fronts really aren't that strong, it doesn't take much to bend them.

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    i have a 6ft v-box in my 8ft bed. i mounted on 8ft 4x4 that way it couldnt shift forward mount a small tool box on front

  12. OP

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    Okay i should have mentioned this as well, all 4 straps are designed to pull the sander forward to prevent it from shifting backwards and falling off the truck. So all 4 straps generally are pulling the sander forwards at all times because they are hooked to the 4 hooks in the bed. Also when i refer to warranty, it could happen to anybody hauling a heavy load and the load shifts forward when you apply the brakes and bends that front part of the bed. And yes i am being serious because if somebody else has had this problem then i would like to know about it.
  13. Chevy 2500 hd

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    Ok well one we hook into the stock u bolts that are in the bed which pulls the sander forward to begin with and two tell me why if the block puts pressure on the bottom of the wall why the top is pulling away. The straps we use are heavy duty like what you would use to strap a car down if I had to guess I'd say a they are rated for 5,000lbs
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    Any time a load shifts and damages the bed, its operator error. Not enough straps, straps in the wrong direction, not strong enough straps etc. The bed is merely a cosmetically pleasing flatbed, its not there for strength.
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    must be a little grumpy from the 24hr shift yesterday. :yow!:
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    i saw a local plow company with a nice stainless v-box strapped in by hooking to the holes on the top of the bed:eek:

    if i had 3-4 thousand pounds of weight (1.2 ton per yard + v-box + the natural tendency to overload) sitting in the back of my truck, I would NOT rely on the factory hooks to hold the salter in place. go through the floor and create something that will really hold it. I would also ask the local DOT what is required.

    your probably going to have a hard time getting the damage covered by either your insurance or fisher.

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    To answer your question then yes i have seen many bent from improperly securing a load in the bed.:p
  18. JD Dave

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    I agree.

    Anybody that's worked with their truck, has bent the front. Learn from your mistakes and move on. I had tractors weight in my brand new truck and when I gassed it, the weights wrecked the tailgate, so I slammed on the breaks and wrecked the front of the box, I was only like 17 then, what an idiot I was.:cry:
  19. OSCLandscaping

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    If all 4 straps are pulling forward the only thing keeping the sander from sliding forward is the flimsy truck body ( flimsy, compared to the weight of a full sander.), stop quick and your truck body will bend.
  20. Chevy 2500 hd

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    Have you ever seen a fisher procaster in the bed of a chevy it can't touch the front wall and theres no way it would be able to unless you took the chute off we put the block in there in the case it should try and shift forward so it doesn't bend the chute on the bumper. And if we are improperly securing it explain to me how many straps we really need to me 4 5,000lbs strapes is enough seeing as there are 4 spots to hook into on the sander and we are hooking into the bottom of the bed not the top.