Anyone ever use a ATV to move snow???


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I mow a lot of residential and smaller commercial lots and have been asked several times if I would handle snow removel to. Most accounts have a lot of tight areas to get to. Average snow fall is around 4-6 inches a snow. Would a ATV with 4 wheel drive and blade do the job????


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Hello,<p>I know that a ATV can do a decent job, but the problem here (at least to me) would be transporting it around. <p>It sounds like you have a lot of sites that are not close to each other, so this would mean you would have to transport it around.<p>Pulling a trailer for it would be easiest, but in the middle of a snow storm, this may not be the best thing. <p>Next, would be unloading and loading it out of truck each job. This could work, but could be a lot of problems. Driving a ATV up and down ramps into the truck could get a bit tedious and time consuming. I'd imagine it could really lead to a disaster driving a ATV up ramps, not to mention a ATV with a plow on it up ramps, in the middle of a snow storm.<p>Most guys that use ATV's, tractors, etc. tend to be able to leave them at the sites they are plowing or be able to drive them around from site to site. <p>If you have to transport it to each, it could be a lot of extra time and maybe a lead to a accident or two.<p>steveair<br>
I echo Steve's reply - been there, done than, it is a royal PITA. A four wheeler will move snow in a open area. Mine would not pile snow any higher than 2 feet - not good. Also, heavy snow will cause problems. Next, my Hondas have never been very fussy about starting in the cold weather, though they do run OK once started. Next, trailering in the road salt will do more damage to the bike than the revenue. <br>I have had a plow for mine for 12 years. It has been hanging on the wall of the shop for the last 9 years (but I'm getting great cutting edge life!). Others have told me that the repeated fore/aft shifting will eventually cause expensive wear and make the bike harder to shift for normal riding. Makes sense, though I have not experienced that yet.<p>On the plus side, it would be a reasonable way to get revenue from the bike if the conditions were right (lots of room, fluffy snow, not much stopping). You can install a small sander unit. Handle-bar warmers (Hot Grips) make all the difference once they warm up.


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Talked with alot of guys at the SIMA show, and there seems to be a use for these units. They usually leave them on site, so the transport issue isnt one. And they are out during the storm so they never more than 2-3&quot; at any one time.<br>Next snow staorage isnt an issue because they are moving the sidewalk snow into the main travel lanes to be cleared by larger equip.<br>My only concern is that my boys will be blowing donughts all day.<br>Look boss I cleared all the snow with just the rear tires.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment

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