Anyone ever make a backdrag edge

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    Hey guys just wondering if any ones ever made somesort of backdrag / cutting edge for straight meyer 7.5. This would hopefully cut down on that compact snow i cant get away from garage doors. I was thinking about some heavy angle iron bolted to my stock cutting edge, with the 90 degree angle staight down toward the pavement so it would make a little 2 inch ramp to pull/ dig under the snow when dragging plow backward. It couldnt wear faster than my cutting edge and if nothing else the weight might help. Ideas? Or if anyone knows where they sell such things and how much they might cost.
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    i made one for my old sst blade(hinged one) and itworks great. if you want a pic, pm me with your email.
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    Wow ! That answers my question. Im sure that and some wings will definitly increase my productivity thanks KGR
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    i found it on ebay, picked one up since they are only about 2 hrs from my house. i just got it last week and havnt got to use it yet, but i did try it on my driveway. i think when it gets and edge on it, it will be good, but as of right now im not impressed.
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    So whats the word? How has it worked so far? I have the Western style backedge, it looks the same but bolts between the front cutting edge and the plow. Same thing just an easyer way to mount. I just bought a Western backedge and drilled it for Meyer. Alot esayer to drill the edge on my drill press than to drill holes in the plow by hand! Can't say for sure, but I think it was around $80.
    A weld on swinging hinged back edge will work better, but for the money and weight savings mine works good enough.