Anyone doing only res. offer this service?

SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
Okay... not exactly sure what you were getting at, but for starters, he's saying $25 per drive without even seeing the drive. This guy won't be in business long. Second of all, if you're worried about damage, have you looked into a polyurethane cutting edge? This may help put your customers minds at ease.

Chief Plow

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upstate new york
Any bets on how long it take before he goes out of business? Personally, I don't think it will be to far away before he gets tired of pushing that snowblower around, especially in freezeing temps....

Chief Plow


Western CT
I would bet he is in the Green Bay area because of his e-mail. I cannot think that people would be running to the phones to call him. I can see him snowblowing one of my drives. It would take him more then an hour and he would only make $25.

Mick Veteran
I don't know where 920 area code is, but I figured on the West coast. "Any drive $25"? I can steer him toward a few - about a mile long each. That should keep him busy and out of everybody's else's way.

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A look in the phone book and a trucker's atlas of North America didn't turn up any 920 area code. :confused:

So, 3 possibilities come to mind:

1] It's a new area code - for example, until a few years ago Toronto & area was all 416 area code, with the city growing like a noxious weed the need arose for another area code which is when the 905 one came into being.

2] It's a typo.

3] Someone is full of "solid waste".

mdb landscaping

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Glastonbury, CT
oh, cut him some slack. by the looks of the website, and email address, it seems like its a young kid looking to make some money. everybody has to start somewhere. now if they are a legit business, i agree, hes not long for the world.


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I would have to agree with Mdb.The time it will take him to do a normal size drive way will not be worth the $25 he is charging..I guess your ad could read we will be there and get you out not cheap and waiting for


Toronto Canada
I was curious & called the #.
Wisconsin yes. Scrub kid? Didn't come across like one on the phone.
Pavement damage reasoning is flawed but could be a selling point if previous plowers were not knowledgeable.
On smaller city drives, where coordinating car removal is difficult, blowers can be productive. You would need volume, no drive time, for the $$ he advertises to make profit.
I do small res. drives starting around $23 US. Prices vary depending on drive time, main factor & drive size, secondary factor, as size differences usually are not significant.
I would, however, never advertise a set price but use "starting at..".
I do think he is just starting out as residentials usually breed enough word of mouth advertising .

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Thanks CT18. Doesn't appear on the trucker's atlas or local phone book area code list and both are a couple years old, so I expect it's a case of the Green Bay area gettin' bigger.

Blowers have their applications - especially on a lot of these new subdivision driveways where there isn't anyplace to push the snow and anything larger than a mini-pickup won't fit anyway.............


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Bryan, Ohio
Is there some first class GO GETTERS on this site or what?

Im impressed.

From one thread and 1/4 day, we almost know all there is to know about this snowblower guy and his buisiness.

Snow doesnt have a prayer with this bunch, if it ever falls.


Id sure hate to be a snow flake that fell on this board.... Hahhaa.


I also bet Buffalo news and county comissioners are becomming impressed.

Good work guys!

Rob Veteran
I'm going to agree with MDB. I would suspect it is a kid, or someone just starting out in the business. He has a blower and a bit of computer skill so he built himself a website. I doubt he services his whole town, let alone the whole county. Was this guy advertising / how did Casey come upon his website ? I think the answer to that question, would probably indicate the size of his business and how he can expect to service all driveways for $25. (i.e only friends and family see the site)

Just my .02. I will note that the amount of interest this guy has created indicates how bad everyone needs snow, because they have a lot of free time to be checking this kind of stuff out !:D

4 Saisons

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I work with snowblower only( 2 13/45) and there is no way to cover a whole area. Price may be fair for small drive ( less than 500 sf) but only if you get a bunch of customers in a restrein neiborghood. That way you can expect 6-12 drive per hour for each blower.

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