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? any1 have any ideas on snow way plows

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by donny boy, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. donny boy

    donny boy Junior Member
    Messages: 21

    i am thinking of getting a sno-way snow plow.... its 8'6" 32"high..... it is made of that poly matterial..... i am gonna be doing primarily residential but i have a few commercial lots that r pretty big..... just wondering if any1 has any infomation for me... the dealer i am gonna get it at says they r the best plow for backdragging because it has hydraulic down pressure when back draggin....... plus the plow it self is lighter than all other plows in its size...... now would that be a problem when pushing big commercial lots cause it will lift? any help would be greatly appreciated.......:confused:
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2003
  2. wyldman

    wyldman Member
    Messages: 3,265

    It will not cause the plow to lift at all.In fact,you can actually use to down pressure to keep the plow scraping the pavement,even going forward.

    The Snoway will hold up to commercial use just fine.

    The backdragging with the down pressure is amazing.
  3. Plow Babe

    Plow Babe Senior Member
    Messages: 218

    I used a SnoWay on my Durango all last season, and it did great. Be sure you get the lightbar, though. The truck headlights are supposed to shine through the moldboard, and it looks good on paper, but does not work well in real life.

    You mentioned some big commercial lots. How big? You will waste a lot of time plowing large lots with just a straight blade. Do a search, because I am pretty sure I remember a thread from a year or so ago about how to mount wings on a lexon blade.
  4. Plow Babe

    Plow Babe Senior Member
    Messages: 218

    I just tried doing a search on this, and did not come up with anything. Does anyone else remember the topic of mounting wings on a lexon blade?
  5. Adams plowing

    Adams plowing Senior Member
    Messages: 195

  6. Plow Babe

    Plow Babe Senior Member
    Messages: 218

    That's it - thanks Seth! (It would help in the Search if I spelled the word correctly) :eek:
  7. snowplowjay

    snowplowjay Banned
    Messages: 890

    Lexan is a very heavy duty material that has high impact strength and flame retardancy. Because of this it is very light weight yet durable enough to take lots of abuse. You should have no trouble with this plow handling heavy duty use.

  8. Adams plowing

    Adams plowing Senior Member
    Messages: 195

    lol no problem karen. glad i could help :drinkup: