any problems with artic polys?



just took my 2500hd dura/ally to get a 8ft artic poly installed . just wondering if anybody has had a problem with the quick link system or the poly or anything on the new artics? had a myers 8ft poly before and didn't have a problem in 5 years . hopefully i didn't make a mistake, but the artic is about $1000 bucks cheaper because it is canadian made. thats a big difference to me. just wondering also which controller u guys like, the joy stick or touch pad? had a touch pad on the myers , but am going to try the joy stick. the dealer says most guys go with the joy stick because it gives u more control? hopefully everything works out and we get hammered with lots of lake effect snow up here in southern ontario. just found this site and love it. learned some new stuff on here and i've been plowing for 10years. guess i'll keep on reading and learning. thanks for all the input.:) :) :)

GeoffD Veteran
Because about 75% of our trucks have year round assinged drivers. We give the drivers the option of what controller they want, if there is an option. The guys with the v-plows have no choice. I will say about 60% of the guys like the joystick better then the touch pad, when mounted in a convient and easy to use place.


slplow Veteran
From what I have read artic makes a nice plow. Good luck with it and tell how you like it after it snow's. I my self like the joy sticks.

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