Any one ever go out of state for plowing


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Anyone ever chase the snow, what i mean is go to different states when it is snowing there. If so how did you get your contacts for those areas, i have seen some ads for out of state drivers to come in and help these contractors in these states. Just wondered if it is profitable enough to try it.


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I have heard of people doing it. If you have a contractor lined up yo sub for then it may work. If you are just freelancing I doubt you would have much success. More expenses come to mind, increase fuel, lodging anf food etc.


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I have heard of guys doing that, but only when there is a massive snowfall. When people get 18" of snow, they are willing to pay even if they usually shovel it themselves.

I have heard of stories of guys making enough to pay off their trucks. Whether it's true or just stories I don't know.

I have been thinking about that myself. If we aren't expecting any snow where I live, and 200 miles away they are just buried in snow. I may try it.



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We have gotten calls from people out of town during large snow falls.Last year maybe 2 or 3 calls from out of town, people a few hundred miles away, looking for sub work.We didn't use them, but i got a good laugh.

I'm in NJ , we had large snow falls (1996). We went to NY city. It is a different state, but it is only over the Hudson River. I will go to NYC any day or night. NYC rates are white gold.:D

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I live in northwest Indiana and frequently get called into south Chicago or the burbs. Before I go into a burb I have never been to I always call the town hall and ask if a license is needed. Sometimes I will have to provide a cert. of insurance to the town. I only do that when I have big jobs and earlier in the season when people can still see my out-of-state and under weighted license plate.

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