Any NJ plowers, i have a few questions for you

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This coming winter we are going to start offering plowing services. We have been in the lawn maintenance business for around 10 years now and have never plowed. Most of my guys do have plow experience. But I don't know how to price. How do most of you guys from NJ price, and what does that include. Sorry if this question has come up before or is not specific enough but I couldn't find what i was looking for in the search... Thanks


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Thanks or the replys. Our fleet consists of 2000 gmc 3500 4x4, 1995 ford f-350 masons dump, 2001 ford f-250 4x4, one new holland skid steer, and my buddy who wants to plow with us has a 1999 f-250 4x4.. We are not really interested in residentials.
I have tons of oppurtunities to bid on parking lots and smaller condos. I would prefer to do mostly parking lots.. Thanks for all of your help..
;) i'm with the guys who say no to condo's, what a pain in the ass, plowing, shovel walkways,mailboxes, driveways, salt. oh i did forget, when you try to catch up on some sleep, the property manager beeps you and askes you to come back because all the lazy people who were supposed to move their cars we you plow there street and did'nt , now foind it convient to dig out their car and now the street has snow and you also have a sloppy parking spot w/ crusty snow to be moved. no thanks, did 2 sites a few years ago and it was alot of bs.

Now we to do parking lots, and small strip malls, w/ about 30-40 residential(must be close to one another). we do it w/ a chevy mason dumpw/plow and sander, f-250 pick-up, and a GMC2500 all 4x4, and my Cat skid steer.

we get 125.00 for the the trucks and 150.00 per ton for the salt, the sikd is used to load the salt and do 22 driveways which are alll on one street in a development. Driveways we charge 55.00 per 6 inches for a single driveway, and 70.00 for a double. hope i shed some in sight,tony

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