Anxious to play in the snow...

BRL - Veteran
Somerset, NJ
I'm heading to the Penn State football game this Saturday. Since the lake effect machine is fired up for the weekend, I came up with a great idea. I think I'll throw the plow onto the trailer, drop the wife & kids off with her sister to watch the game, and drive a couple of more hours to the front lines of the war against snow. Any chance of getting some sub work out there John? Of course my wife will probably kick me in the head when she sees the trailer hooked up, and probably unhook it herself after throwing my unconscious butt into the truck. But it sure is fun to dream.... Have fun with all of that snow!

John Allin Addict
Erie, PA
5" on Wednesday.

6" this morning, more every day through to Thanksgiving.

You can come, and we will put you to work - but you won't like the rate. Our subs in Erie don't get near what you guys pay in the East.... but they work almost every day.

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