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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by ChucksChevyPages, Dec 27, 1999.

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    This may be the wrong place to ask this. It may be complex, and maybe not, but......<br>Does engaging 4wd bypass the anti lock brake systems on most trucks? Does engaging 4wd low only, bypass the anti locks, or does nothing bypass the anti - locks?<br>How would anti locks affect tire chain operation, or vice versa?<br>Would not being able to lock the brakes rob the benefits of chains in a braking situation?<br>Anyone run chains with anti - locks?<p>~Chuck Smith<br><p>----------<br>Chuck's Chevy Truck Pages - Snowplowing Central<br>
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    On Dodge vehicles, it does not deactivate 4wabs. GM trucks it does some model years. not sure about Ford. Rear only abs is unaffected. I removed the controller for rear only abs on my Dodge, abs is dangerous with 4wd. <p>It used to be, at least thru 99 model year, 4wabs was unavailable with snowplow prep on Dodge and also with offroad package due to its unpredictable nature in 4WD.<p>Bill
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    Why would 4WD bypass the antilocks?
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    Wow,this is an old post! I got excited and thought lawnguy was posting again until I looked at the date:( .Anyway all rear wheel anti lock brake trucks dissengage the rear wheel antilocks once its put into 4wd,since the front and rear axles are then tied together anyway..I dont know if any 4wABS trucks that do though.
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    02' Ford and 4w-abs still works in 4WD... I wish it didn't.
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    NEW 99 & up full size GMs...The antilocks DO work in
    any 4 wd mode.
    My 97 GM the antilocks DID NOT work in 4 wd.....
    And yes ...They are a PIA when plowing!....geo
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    John, there have been several really old threads brought up today. A couple made me do double-takes.
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    I know on all my new superduties, the anti locks do not disengage in 4wd... I certainly wish they did though...

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    '03 Dodges still have ABS in 4WD.