Anothereround of snow comming for CT.


Western CT
Is that on Monday? I also heard of something for the middle of the week. Temps are cold today. Snow would definatley have accumulated. If it gets warmer though it will take a good storm to leave snow on the roads.

Lots of contractors in my area have already put their equipment away. Because of my wife being due to deliver any within a few weeks I did not take on any jobs other then cleanups for the early spring. This means that I have kept two of my trucks ready for snow and they probably won't get taken off till after mid April. This is when I normally wait to store equipment anyway.

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Just checked the forecast for this area - possible snow for most of next week. Maybe winter is just getting started? Got in the first full plow event last Thurs since Jan 22nd.:confused:

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Cleveland got pegged yesterday morning, about 7:30 am rush hour we got 2" to 6"... by 9:30 am. It was great! Only problem, three of my guys were taking the pesticide license exam at 10 am. So we were later finishing our routes than I would have liked. As well, since we had snow the day before that melted off and then refroze (couldn't plow the crusty ice), I had some icy properties. Sold a bunch of additional salt on properties that we don't normally salt since we had 4" of the white gold on top of a layer of ice. Boy did it look nice when we were done. See if we can sell 'em salting for next year.

Love to see more snow if we could! Doubt it though. We'll be back to clean ups again this week.


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:) Congratulations CT & Mrs. CT. Is it your first? Took the pump off the S10 today (its the type where the headgear stays on the truck) I think Staten Island is done for this season. I retire in 10 years. I hope to see a repeat of 1996 in 2012. Later.

P.S. I looked at the other guys Gr Cherokee thread. Wow. Has anybody seen or heard from him?

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