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Well, I sent another email to Western. I simply stated that I sent them 3 emails asking for help with a plow. I asked them if they even bothered to answer emails, and is this the kind of customer service I could expect from them. I informed them that I would keep all this in mind when I choose which brand of V I will buy.

Well, they finally emailed me back. They said yes, they answer emails as long as the address is valid, and they usually answer emails within a week. They went on to state that their records indicated that I only sent 1 email and that they had replied to it already (which they did not).

So, if they were responding to this complaint, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that I am upset because I never got a reply. If they claim that there is a record of at least one email from me, wouldn't it have made sense to re-email that reply instead of sending me an email that pretty much said I was lying about how many emails I had sent?

ATTENTION WESTERN- this is crappy customer service (not to mention dim-whitted and unthoughtful). If that email form on your site is causing this kind of crap, get rid of it and provide an email address so people don't have to risk a dumb script screwing up resulting in you calling them liars. The address I gave was valid- my email program isn't going to work for everyone, then suddenly change when I email Western.

As said before- if you are going global on the internet, treat everyone with the same respect and (time) courtesy as a walk in. All money spends the same. Western just lost any repeat business from me.


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Just thought I'd mention -- I sent email to Meyer on the 27th of Dec, got a reply on the 28th of Dec.


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I had very good help from westen by phone and the guy new what he was talking about. next time try the phone it is much faster no matter what brand it is. time is short when it's snowing.


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I sent an email to Ryan Fredrickson at western and recieved a reply that same day. I also sent you his direct line, did you phone him? He will take care of you right away.
Its just a thought, but follow up to an email by land line is always a good idea.
FWIW Dont give up on the whole company just because they didnt answer your email fast enough. I also find it alot easier to call your local dealer.
I remember when I had a small problem with my v plow, and I met the troubleshooting person at the SIMA symposium, he remembered my plow and problem, more than 6 months after it was resolved. I thought that was pretty good.

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Quite honestly, this doesn't sound like Western. Like Dino, I know quite a few people at western, and this is the first time I've heard a complaint like yours. I'm not doubting that this happened to you - it's just that it is not like them to be like that.

I sure hope you get your problem resolved.

If not, email me directly what has happened and I'll make a couple calls for you, on your behalf. I know some people pretty high up on the food chain there, and I'm fairly certain that I can make something happen for you... if you like.


I e mailed Western in the evening and had a response by morning. If it is something important just call them they are professinal they are not out to piss you off.We get tons of e mail at work to answer every day and to be honest 99% of the time you can get an answer way faster by phone and more info to boot!


To tell you the truth, it all might have been a bad day... I typically email whenever I can if the situation is not extremely important (with any company, not just plow companies). I guess it has to do with me coming from a computer background and I expect everyone to be as modern as they should be in this day and age. I just had a bad day when I sent the email, the guy who answered it may have been having a bad day, etc. But, when the "customer service" matter-of-factly tells me that I only sent one email when I can show in Outlook that I sent 3, it feels like they are calling me a liar.

I did get the problems resolved, and thanks for everyone offering to help.

Being that I have an associate in 2 different areas of computer science, I can tell you what the problem is. Anytime a decent sized company decides to make a web presence, they really need to hire one person whose sole purpose is internet relations. Of course this person needs to know a little about the product their company makes, but there should be a purpose. This person can maintain the site (fix it QUICK when it breaks), monitor the traffic to see how many visitors it attracts, and most importantly, answer emails. In today's internet-fueled world, answering emails "within a week" is unacceptable. There are plenty of people like me who do all their research and contacts online. We put alot of stock in how quickly we are answered- it shows that the company takes internet customers seriously. Answering email within 24-48 hours on business days is the norm for most companies who are serious about the internet.

I guess I just over-vented. Sorry.


My wife has new computers at her work. The company she works for bought a new system for 26 seperate locations across the state. They are using Outlook for their mailings. They have all sorts of problems with E-mail NOT being received. The company is using the E-mail for number/business sensitive issues that really get things screwed up for the next day when the numbers do not get to the home office. They have some locations that are fine while others do not get E-mail for two to three days while others get the same E-mail only minutes after it was sent. The computer wizards are even lost, I guess.

I myself get E-mail all the time from people that I do not know they swear the address is right. They go on telling ME how I have been e-mailing them that all they did was hit the reply button.

Sometimes the more we depend on things of modernization, the more they fail us.

Maybe someone at Western hit Delete, Opps!

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I don't think you 'over-vented'. We're all just wanting to help out. Kind of a nice feeling isn't it ?? Knowing that there are a bunch of dudes out here that care and are willing to help without having every met you face to face.

In this industry, we're all in it together - one way or another.


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Sorry to here about your e-mail problem with Western.I think calling them is the way to go...I had a problem a few weeks back and gave them a call....they were great....must have talked for 15 to 20 min.


Go back and check the address that you sent it too. More than once, I have made and address mistake because of my speed typing. It might be as simple as that. They are a good company and I believe that they value every customer and customer to be.

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