Another plow question.....


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I recently posted asking advice on what sort of plow to install on my truck, and got a lot of useful responses - thanks!!!!


I have had a few conversations locally, and the responses I got here, that have made me wonder if I am limiting my options too much by thinking of using a 9' straight blade. At this point I have been pointed towards the Blizzard, or the Western V blade.
Obviously both are excellent choices - although cost is a factor as well.

Todays question is this - will a 2001 F350 4WD Superduty Diesel Crewcab Dually 8' bed support a 10' straight blade plow, and how useful and/or unweildy would this rig be??
I have already installed x-code (F-550) front springs on this truck.

All input appreciated




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weight ??

A fisher MC10 MM weighs # 1566 plus #184 for the truck mount I cant imagine that front end supporting almost #1800 !!! Lets see what the senior members say Bill

Mike 97 SS

NO WAY JOSE. Can I call you Jose? Just Kidding. "IF" the truck was a regular cab gas model, which its not, and it had the X springs, Id say 9' is the biggest you could put. Since its a diesel extended cab with an 8' bed, now your limiting the plow you can use. 10' is way way out of the question. If it HAS TO BE a V plow, you can probably go with an 8.5' Fisher or Western and I think you would be alright but even those might be slightly too heavy. Straight plow Id say about the same size 8' or 8.5'. You have a really long wheelbase so you kind of do need the extra length plow to cover the rear wheels but at the same time you cant overload the frontend. Lets see what others have to say. Mike


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the largest plows we put on our f450's are 9' diamonds. they are nice for large areas, however transporting is a pain in the *%s. a few years ago we used 8.5' diamonds, they are really the best size for everything ie. attaching to the truck, transporting and plowing.

most manufacturers would list an 8 - 9' blade for the superduty line, but if the truck didn't have them i would first install x springs and on a pre 02 truck a tranny temp gauge. when we had 8" a few weeks ago i managed to overheat my plow truck and idled it for a few minutes. however if i didn't have ford's "cheap" 02 tranny gauge i probably would have continued plowing til i had other troubles.

for a 350 dually i think an 8.5' would work nice or depending on where you're going a 9'.