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Shane Nelson

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Lookin for some advice.My snow bizz has grown, and my one f250w/7 1/2 western wont handle everything.I bought another commercial and bigger drives I can handle with my western . My other trk will be taken care of most of my smaaler to average size drives.Would I be better having two 32" JD snow blowers, or another plow. I thought the blowers might be better considering the back dragging and hard monuvering spots in small drives with a big truck. THANKS,SHANE NELSON

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Since you said that you have some smaller driveways that would be difficult to plow with your F250, then I agree with you that JD 32" snowblowers is a good idea. Sometime it is quicker to clear the driveway with snowblower. And they do a neat job cleaning up. Backdragging sometime can be difficult to clean up and you would not want to leave the driveway messy because the customers would not like it. My suggestion for plowing small driveways is to plow where you can plow, and use the snowblower to clean up the rest of driveway where it is difficult to clean up and where you can't plow. Or you could clean the whole driveway with the snowblower if it is faster and easier for you.


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I would have to agree with GeoffD and ddm. If I had to snow blow a whole drive, I'd let somebody else have it. For most small walkways, I could hand shovel it before you got the snowblower unloaded and started. (keep in mind that I do not wait till there is 18" of snow on the ground before I start plowing) The only time I might consider a snow blower is if it were part of a bigger plow account and I had to clear a long walk to get the account.
A good operator can run that machine through anything in a fraction of the time two guys can snow blow it.

As far as being some "hard to get at" areas with the F250, consider a smaller truck with shorter wheel base.

My ideal plow vehicle would be a Jeep CJ or YJ with a ford PSD and a 10' Boss V. :eek: Oh yea, I forgot the back blade. :D
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