Another "newbie" here!

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Hey guys, been kickin though here for a while and just registered,tons of info here,i own my own welding shop in new york and plow in the winter for the last 6 years,nothing like it,it's the best!can't wait to talk to 75 and someothers here about welding and of course plowing!Any of you guys runnin the Boss 7.5 V-plow?I plan on putting one on my 99' Chevy half ton to replace a 7.5 fisher.I've heard lots about the bigger ones but not the 7.5,thanks for the help and THINK SNOW!

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Welcome to PlowSite, Arc Burn. Thanks for your post. I didn't realize Boss made a 7.6 V-plow so I went to check it out. Looks like it would be an option for most 1/2 tons. Weighs 860 lbs.

Still not sure I want to put a Boss in with all this Fisher stuff. But it's nice to have options:waving:


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Arc Burn, I'm just outside of Poughkeepsie, not too close. Real nice country up there, though! I looked at a place in Canojaharie (sp?), it was really tough to turn down.