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Another Hanson blower question

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by milkie62, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. milkie62

    milkie62 Senior Member
    from Troy,NY
    Messages: 231

    The HOA that I do is 55 homes.Right now I use 3 walk behind snowblowers.They want them done with snowblowers to limit the damage done by plows and to eliminate snow piles.I had thought about the Hanson blower whereas I could drive in and make 1 swath and go on to the next.My 2 guys could then make the 2 extra passes needed to finish the driveway---usually 10' wide and do the walkway.Even though most of these drives are next to each other,we still can only manage about 7 driveways per hour per man.Sometimes we spend alot of time just bucking the end of driveway pile that the town plow makes.I have also thought about a JD or Kubota tractor with 5' front blower to help speed things up but then I need a trailer to move it.So I would be looking at an easy $20k for everything.
  2. leon

    leon Senior Member
    Messages: 872


    the Hanson blower will be difficult to use
    because of its width and the snow exiting the spout
    may cause unintentional property damage from ice chunks.

    The snow blowers operation requires an automatic transmission
    truck as you will be running the blower engine flat out and the truck
    will be crawling at a very low speed forward to remove the snow and ice
    as it is a machine with very low horse power per foot of cut and the
    impeller is very small-powder snow is one thing heavy snows are another

    So much depends on

    you, your clients- is your snow removal contract part
    of an overall landscaping contract or separate?

    You could offer a seasonal rate per client as they are
    so close and would be easy to manage.
    your budget,
    your actual gross cash flow,
    your expenses-all of them!
    your insurance- comp, general liability, theft, hazard, weather related properrty damage-
    to your equipment-fire insurance, liability umbrella if any,
    your available capital,

    If you charge $4-500.00 per client per season for snow removal is $22,000.00-$27,500 plus sales tax from October to May
    with a clause for separate charge for extra snow falls and ice per occurance to cover fuel and labor.

    Buying a compact utility tractor is a must as it will be of more use and have more flexibility for you
    as you will be able to do more snow removal work than just the 55 drives of the HOA.

    The Kubota BX2660 with a all weather cab
    work lights and the Kubota heater-defroster,
    front end loader,
    front and rear snow blowers with the
    hydraulic rotator and chute controls for
    both snow blowers as well as loaded R4 tires
    four rear hydraulic quick coupler connections for the the rear snow blower for chute rotation and spout control

    It only takes a few minutes to install or remove the front end loader
    or front snow blower and that gives you a lot of flexibility.

    the front end loader control valves are used for the chute rotation and spout control

    you will be able to open the driveways much faster as the tractor will
    have loaded tires and and with the hydraulically controlled chutes for the
    front and rear blowers you will have better directional control of the snow discharge.
    by blowing it down and forward of the blower to control the placement of the snow being discharged

    you can make use of the front end loader to scoop snow when the blower cannot remove it safely and also break up
    the snow that is piled any where that can create blind spots on driveways and then blow it out of the way and get rid of it.

    The Kubota zero percent promotions for kubota tractors are available for 60-72 months again
    and buying an extended warranty is always a good idea as well as the Kubota insurance-
    as they will replace the tractor if it is stolen-that says a lot about them.

    You will have year round use of the compact utility tractor with extra mowing jobs too if you buy one versus only snow
    season use of the blower.

    please look at the www.tractorbynet,com home page and look at the kubota section and type BX 2350 and BX 2660 being the newer models

    several manufacturers offer afte rmarket items for storing and handlling implements on the site- BXpanded is one and Pats easy change is another.

    one of my fathers neighbors has BX2350 wth a hard cab and removable windows windsheild wipers, and a kubota heater defroster and she loves it as she cleans a huge driveway without chains
    with a snow blower and the heater allows you to work with out a coat on and the work lights on the rear are also very bright

    her driveway is 4 cars wide and 3 cars deep with a two car turn around and gets deep snows and lots of ice from the road being plowed and salted and she has had no trouble
    cleaning her driveway with a front blower.

    I want you to suceed

    Last edited: Mar 2, 2010