another bad ground wiring question.?

Futher into my search for my 81 3/4ton 4x4's ground problem, I have decided to redo the grounds in my truck, I have redone the Battery to frame, frame to body, and body to block. I have noticed a significant improvement, in electrical connections, IE:brighter headlights,but I still have the problem of my gauges loosing power(what I mean is when I turn on the headlights, my oilpump pressure drops 5 to 10 psi , my thermestat for the water temp raises 10 degrees,and my voltmeter drops 2 or 3 volts) One last question: There is a ground block under the dash ,closest to the driver door,with about 6 or 8 connections points on it and only 1 being used, what else ( or what in general )is supposed to be grounded to this block?

Thanks ahead for any input.,


I answered my own question, under the dash, the ground I was talking about, it is a grounding block for the whole dash, come to noticed that the grounding block wasnt grounded, its supposed to be grounded to the body by a 1/2 in bolt, which is also a mount for the parking break pedal, I put in the 1/2 in bolt , low and behold all my gauges work like they are supposed to.

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