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Angle cylinders takes off

Discussion in 'SnowDogg Snow Plows' started by RedArrow, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. RedArrow

    RedArrow Member
    Messages: 50

    Has anyone had a problem like this one, it has only happened twice but scares the crap out of me. I will angle the plow all the way to the right and when it bottoms out, I hear the typcial whin and I release the button, and the plow takes off full left. Like everyone else, I use those angles to manipulate around sideload garage doors and I would hate to have that happen at the wrong time and have to replace a door. That would turn that bottom line from black to red!! :eek:
  2. Rh2002

    Rh2002 Junior Member
    from wny
    Messages: 3

    I had xp810 with issues, so they took that back and gave me ex80 with wings. That same problem happen to me and when it went left it smacked the wing against a parking island. Then it did it again when I was cleaning the end of a driveway. Im very unhappy. I wanted my money back for xp and they said its not there policy so they gave me ex and look at what this plow is doing. Also wing wont hook back straight now, its bent.