And it begins again!!

Alan Addict
Well,, got our first "new" account for the year today. Condo that we bid on is going with us. Contract is for 12 months, the plowing part of it is just under $3800. Not huge, but a nice average job for us. And not a bad way to start the plowing season off either!

GeoffD Veteran
Congrats, on the account.

I am still waiting to hear on the school, and the big estate. I have a few additional, small to medium lots, and when if i get the other two, i will have all i need.


n y snow pros

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WAY to go Alan,dont mean to burst your bubble but John Allen just got 2400 1st union banks all up the east coast.Allen if u have any in your area call John Allen as he will be looking for SIMA members to sub the work to.We will jump on a few of them i am sure and any SIMA members Dino,Aspen and the rest call John Allen asap as he will need your help.

Alan Addict
Got invited to bid on another one today. 2 locations for the same company one is a convenience store, the other a gas station and small retail strip mall. The previous contractor is downsizing and put me on to them. He showed me his last two years contracts, they don't know that and admitted they expect to pay "appreciably" more this year. I can help them do that! Bids don't open until 10/17 so I've even got time to think about it some. Not big by most of your standards but my preliminary numbers come close to 6 grand.

GeoffD Veteran
Good luck. I am hope to have all my accounts and routs lined up before october 20 (friday) only i know that i will be accepting stuff till November 3 (friday). No matter how big you get, and how good you are, i bet you still hang on to the last min, for some promising new account. Have placed some bids, and have sent out bid sheets and contracts to previous customers.



Alan, would you mind giving up some of the specs on the complex?

the plowing part of it is just under $3800

For my bids, generaly, 3800 would cover a two road (1/5 mile each) 25 garage or so complex. This would cover walks also but no salting. We plow about 10-12 times per season.

How does that compare to what you bid? Generaly.

I ask because we have 4 out for smaller condos like that and 2 have come back, one said yes, the other said too high.

Alan Addict
Doug,, this is very close to what you describe. About 600 ft of access road with four driveways turning off to the left then opening into a parkign area about 50x 100, carport on the left of each parking area and sidewalks on the right, open at the end to push off easily. We're doing walks and salting. We carried $150 per push and $75 for salting. Price was a bit below our normal because it was right on our route and makes a good filler in the middle of a pretty big blank spot. We used $125 per truck hour and $150/ton for salt in place.