ANbody every used buyers pro wings on a V plow?

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i don't think that the center pin can support this new weight. v-plow weight is already over a regular plow. also steel gauge grade is usually cheaper to reduce the weight of the part of a vplow.

Not from my own experience, but i was looking to do something like this, (hydraulics pro wing on a reg straight plow). For sure it will be more efficient, but the cost of the wears and tears and the risk of a breakdown during a storm. I prefer work secure, it pay more.


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We bought a business last summer and the owner (who came aboard as landscape maintenance Production Manager) had wings on his Boss V.... said it worked just fine and he loved the productivity.

We took them off and told him to "live with it".


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I run pro wings on my 8.5 EZV,they help a lot. They are harder on the rig but for me it's a good trade off.
Mike: do you have a problem with them wearing uneven? i know with my 8'boss v - the cutting edge doesnt were even.
how much time do you think they save you. do you keep them on all the time or for just certain snow events?

curious had thought about it but never tried it.


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I have a Western 8'6" V plow and considered putting the pro wings on it but was told by my dealer that the end of the wings would drag on the ground during transport when it is in the V position. Can anyone confirm whether they do touch the ground during transport and if so, do you then travel with it in staight blade mode? Only problem with traveling in straight blade mode is that it puts more of the weight farther out front of an already heavy plow and increases the wear on the front suspension.


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Do you have any picture to post
on those homemade extention.
Would love to see those, design and set-ups
I will try to get a pic if i can.We just made a template of the curvature of the blade,and cut two pieces out of steel and welded them into a frame,and used poly as the moldboard surface.They slide in place with two 1 12" x 1 12" square reciever tubes (like a trailer hitch) and two pins to hold them on.The carbide overlaps at the bottom to keep it rigid.We then weld matching tube on to our ballast bumpers to carry the extensions when not in use.I'll see if i can get some pics together and post them for you.

BTW,does anyone know the best way to post pics,and how it is done here ?


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MWweaver, how high is your truck? I have them on a chevy(very low)in extreme Vee they will touch the ground I just run it a little forward and they are fine.


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I have 8 inch cutting edge on my Boss V and with the extra 2 inches the edges would hit often in the V position. I have to bump it out of V position a little when transporting to keep from hitting. I can imagine with the wings it would be even worse.

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