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Meriden CT
Hey if any of u guys have anything snow plow related you are looking to get ridda let me know i collect all snow plow stuff. I guess im a snow plow freak of sorts. From dealer banners to stickers to brochures to anything else u can think of. some of my favorite stuff i have right now is a 5' meyer plows dealer banner, and a full length 6' sticker for the moldboard of a meyer plow that looks like a face eating snow. i got these when i was a kid and used to write to all the plow companies every year for all there new information. By now i guess u can call me a snow plow master i basically have taught myself through my youth about all there is to know about plows and plowing


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There was a guy on e*bay last year that was selling models plows. A friend of mine bought me one that matched the truck I was running at the time, which was a 1981 F-150 Flareside. I still have the thing on my desk, wishing that it would snow more this year than last.:cool:


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