All seasons dump bodies

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by snow, Dec 7, 2000.

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    Our town has switched to these and other towns use various ones, such as the air-flo one, swenson, tarco, tenco,la rochelle,etc. I do not see why they spend an extra $8000 (or how ever much one costs comapared to the stand dump, with central hydraulics and a plow frame they used to get). They have like 30 v-box spreaders but have ordered all the most recent trucks with them. Does anyone use them? why use them over an undertailgate spreader? our town does not have too many big hills so i don't see why they wouldn't go with an undertailgate spreader.


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    Are you talking about a double acting body? The reasons most town's run double acting is because it is even easier to change from spreading, to dumping. The used truck I might buy is a double acting body.

    Also bryan It might be 8K more for you or me, but towns and state's get big discounts on truck products. What size body are you talking about, 3-4 yard, 5-7, ect?

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    Double acting bodies. 5-7 yard. our town has a quick way of hooking up v-boxes and it requires no loader. The spreader hang from chains off a steel beam and are low enough so the trucks just back right in. Our town just bought 6 Sterling dumps w/ everest bottom trip plows and tenco combo boxes.

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    But even with the overhead storage, it still takes time to load and unload. With the 2x acting bodies, just load and go. Also with the side spreader, they can get both sides of the road in one pass, with out driving in the other lane, or get 2 lanes of highway in one pass.
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    I assume you're talking about the bodies with the tilting floor and conveyor along one side that that delivers material onto a front mounted spinner. One reason they're catching on around here is that you avoid problems with getting into low wires and limbs when spreading, as compared to a conventional undertailgate spreader. And unlike a vee box there is nothing to load and unload to enable use of the truck in a conventional manner. Plus, the full capacity of the truck is available for spreader use.
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    Storm HAs one you'll have to ask him how he likes his.
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    I have seen a couple of these on F-550 with Central Hyd. What a sweet looking truck.