All I want for Christmas......

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by John Allin, Dec 16, 2000.

  1. John Allin

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    Ok... let's get down to brass tacks now....

    Whatta ya want for Christmas ??

    I'll go first...

    I want...

    - two more Pro-Techs and subs to run them,
    - one 14 ft. urethane cutting edge for a snow pusher we are refirbishing,
    - one 7 1/2 ft urethane that got lost by UPS a couple weeks ago,
    - time to set up my liquid magic tanks so I can start using it,
    - no snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,
    - 5 more potential employees to walk in the door saying that they cannot wait to go to work on a sidewalk crew,
    - and one more full nights sleep between now and Christmas Day.
  2. GeoffD

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    After all the calls I got during thursday's storm I could say I want 2 F 350 pick ups with v-plows and pull plows.

    I just kept getting calls. Back in Mid November we decided no more new customers we were at out max. Well one guy wouldn't stop calling, so I told him the only truck that was in the area was kinda big for his drive. He told me to bring it over anyways. So I got my F 650 from one of my guys and drove down to his house. When I drove in the drive with the F 650 he left me alone, and didn't call again. During this little stunt by employee sat in my truck at the end of the road for 15 mins.

  3. SlimJim Z71

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    1. An F350 PowerStroke w/Boss V-Plow & Boss V-box.

    2. A week without snow.

  4. HandyHaver

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  5. MJ

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    Please, Santa, about 12" of snow.

  6. matthew Urban

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    8 fluffy inches now, and eight after christmas.
    I want to see some big snowbanks again.
    ITs been 3 years since a good winter.
    Happy Holidays to all.
  7. Rooster

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    from Kansas
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    30", only 2-3 inches at a time!
  8. Alan

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    Three, four inch snowfalls between now and then. And a reasonably sound, older GM pickup (3500 series) under the tree so I can get started on my ultimate plowing truck. Oh yeah, and customers who pay as fast as they want service.
  9. BRL

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    That's all, just some snow.
    I don't think I'm pushing it with Santa. Just some snow. The elves don't even have to build it. Santa can just have his wife call her dear old friend Mother Nature & tell her to have her son Mr. Heat Miser move off the coast the next time one of these nice storms comes along so his brother Mr Snow Meiser can do his thing here. I've been a good boy all year & Santa won't even have to fly his reindeer onto my dangerous roof. I won't even care if it has to be on Christmas Eve or Day, I'm not a picky kid. Pleeeaaase Santa? :(
  10. Matt

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    Well lets see:

    1 873 Bobcat Skidsteer with cab enclosure
    1 8' protech to put on it
    2 F350 with fisher V's
    1 V-box spreader
    Bulk salt storage area with cover
    Reliable employees for eguipment and sidewalk crews

    Everyone have a safe, happy and prosperous holiday and new year.
  11. Pauls Mowing

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    My shop building to stay on schedule for the first week in January.

    Bobcat 773 with snowblower

    Merry Christmas to all!!

  12. JCurtis

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    Dear Santa,
    I would like the following items for Chrismas. I have been a very good boy this year.

    Black - Chevy 3500 4wd Pickup Duramax Diesel w/ Allison Tranny,Fully Loaded, with a Fisher V Plow.

    Urethane Edges for the new plow and the rest of my current plows.

    Airflow spreader with Urethane spinner.

    Magic- O spray rig and storage tanks so I can spray my salt piles and be a distributor in my area.

    Whelen Towman 12 strobes Lightbars with Traffic advisor for my trucks.

    My 86 K10 fully restored to Mint condition.


    Good Health

    and the 2000 Presidential election to be redone with a more suitable outcome.
  13. snow

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    dear santa

    I would like :

    * a Ford 350 pickup 4x4(diesel,auto) 8.5' fisher v-plow, 2 yard sander
    * a yard where i could keep a stockpile of magic
    *a 1 yard loader
    * enough money for insurance for everything

    more realistically;
    * getting the truck i want
    * having enough in the bank to get a new sander and upgrades for my truck
    * getting contracts for all the private roads in my area

  14. cat320

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    Well Since every one else is asking I might as well too:

    1. Chevy 1ton4x4 duramax/allison 9'airflow dump with plow and sander.
    2.A cat 914 loader.
    3.John Deere 260 skidsteer.
    4.10Klb mini excavator.
    5.7500 series chevy with a 10' dump .
    6.20 ton 25' deck trailer.

    and now the big one a yard and garage big enough to house all my stuff.
  15. OP
    John Allin

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    This is a snow forum.... whattaya gonna do with a mini-excavator in snowstorms ???
  16. slplow

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    SNOW FOR MASS. AND MY 97 GMC TO STOP BREAKING DOWN!!! Just put the third alternator in, then went to give it a bath, did not make it out of the driveway,fuel pump went for the second time. this truck only has 41,k on it.


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  17. GeoffD

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    Santa he needs a new F 550.

  18. mowerconsultant

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    I would like a new boss v plow or maybe a western 8 1/2 pro for my f-250
    also a new zr-800 cat snowmobile.
    and oh yeah, a few good blizzards to use all these toys.
    or at least some good deep snow.
  19. JCurtis

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    Dear Santa,

    One more thing for my list. This goes under the category of toys.

    A 2001 Black Hummer wagon, fully loaded, with a Whelen 12 strobe Lightbar and a fisher plow for it.

    List is Complete.

    Thanks Santa
  20. cat320

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    John the tittle was what i want for xmas and a mini excavator was one of them besides if you got alot of snow you could use it to dig yourself out.