ALL headlights on at once


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All right..I got an '89 F250 that I just got my plow mounted to...what I'd like to know,and I've seen this done, is how I could have my regular headlights and my plow lights on at the same time? I figure I would need a heavier relay to handle all four lights, but I'm not sure how I would go about doing this...I've seen a guy around town who has it done to his Ford, but I haven't been able to catch up to him to ask...


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I'm not exactly sure about the relay you are referring to in the Ford but my system basically just has a jumper harness between the two sets of lights and running to a switch that has contacts for the separate systems. It seems that you could hard wire the system to run all on but you have to remember that if your truck lights are on as well as your plow lights the truck lights will reflect off the back of the blade and hamper your safe vision when the blade is in the raised position at night or in darker conditions.

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I agree with Bruce. I don't think you would want all lights on with the plow on. It is distracting to have the back of the plow lit up like that. If you simply want more light in front for plowing, replace the plow lights with some brighter halogen or xexnon bulbs.

My guess would be that the guy around town just didn't know how to wire his system correctly.



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I would bet he just wired the plow lights from a battery source and not through the headlight circuit. I see this often on used plow installs that are missing the original light harness.

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If you REALLY wish to have all the lights running at once the best way, IMO, is to leave your factory lighting circuit alone and power the plow lights independently from a (fused!) power source.

However, I agree with those who have said it would probably be more of a hindrance than a help - I had a beater yard truck that was wired that way and the light off the back of the blade was a nuisance.

Depending on the authorities in your area, having all the lights on at once might be against the rules too.


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Headlights all on at once

Ya, I've been thinking about that with the law not liking it much....

I also agree that it would be a nuisance to have all 4 lights on while plowing. I was thinking more of when the plow was off, for more lighting....hard wiring the plow lights to the battery sounds like the trick, but I would have to put a relay in...I'm almost certain of that...

But then again, I used to have an 88 F150 that had all kinds of electrical problems with the headlights and in the engine compartment....

Everything works great on this truck, I think I'll just leave well enough alone....



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