All blow and no snow


You know, it is not fair...

I sit in the garage with the Ford ready for action and an itch to push snow with the GMC for the first time just waiting...

The only snow I have seen so far didn't even warrant shoveling by hand. Right now here in Fairmount, Indiana we are having wind gusts reaching 40 MPH mixed with rain. As I watch the weather, I see snow in the north part of the state and snow in the south.



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I'm with ya psyclopse!! I'm seeing storms just missing to the north and to the south (by inches, I watch our smallest tv), but nothin in Philly yet....

Their getting flurries in Houston?????????????????????????

Whats up with that!?



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Same here,Monday at 4:30 was 56 degrees,front came though lots of wind with a little rain.Tuesday at 4:30 am still have the wind but its 19 degrees!! Thats a 37 degree drop in 12 hours.

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Yep, by Wed. Dallas & Houston will supposedly have accumulated snow while my area that is much further north, will not have any. Dallas & Houston being locations where nobody has snow plows & NJ being a state with 1000's of plows waiting to work. Somebody from around here really got Mother Nature mad! Nothing worse than watching places in the deep South getting snow while I can barely eek out a flurry from the skies :(


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In Pittsburgh at midnight on Tuesday it was 50 degrees. By 1:30 am the winds started. By 2:00 a.m. winds reached 60 mph with heavy rain. By 6:00 a.m. it was 25 degrees with just ice to salt a few accounts.


We had winds in the 60 - 70 mph range and dropping temps. we went out early and salted lots and walks. We got about 2" of snow and with the snow banks we have in some locations made some nice drifts, gotta love the V's for clearing drifts. We went out this afternoon and made sure all locations were clear of debris so that the next time we plow we don't find any surprises. Had a private road that had alot of limbs on it but no snow so we plowed the limbs off so customers could get through.

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