Airport Plow Identification

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    My brother and I recently purchased two plows from an Indianapolis International Airport employee. According to him these two plows, an 8ft. and an 11ft., were retired from airport service.
    We are trying to identify the smaller of the two. We believe it is a Meyer ST plow however we are not sure. If any members may have leads to the mount/pump for the plow we are interested in purchasing them.

    The larger plow has a mount but no hydraulics. We are interested in knowing its make/model purely out of curiosity as we plan to sell it.

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    That’s an old snowdogg, they used to be yellow, but it wasn’t used professionally, just amateurlly...
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    That bigger one sure looks like western. 3 trip springs with the anchor on the d frame looks eggzaky like our 10footers
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    The one holding water is a meyers, the way the a frame mounts to the mold board is a giveaway. I still have some of those rectangle shoes in my shop, why? I dont know!
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    Thanks for this info.
    As I said, the larger plow is for sale in Central/Southern IN and I can deliver.

    We are looking for the Meyer EZ mount plow hoop and pump to go with the smaller Meyers Plow
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    The first one is a Meyer and the second one looks swenson it for sure is not a western at 11’