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airflo cab controls wanted.

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by SRAUTO, Jan 13, 2004.


    SRAUTO Junior Member
    Messages: 0

    I bought a used 8' Airflo sander and the cab controls didn't come with it. I haven't tried to buy new yet. If any one has one or knows were you can buy one I would be interested in your input .
    Thanks' Rick
  2. neversatisfied

    neversatisfied Member
    from ct
    Messages: 73

    Rick save your cash and go buy three toggle switches and have airflow fax u the wiring diagram.The parts bought locally are way cheaper than the air flow setup.And they will work better,my new airflow sanders control switches are all messed up on all the new sanders.And use real toggles,not the new micro switches that come with the new air flows,even airflow stopped using them already.