Airbag warning light stays on


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I haven't gotten back to the install dealer yet to have them look at this but.....I just had a Western 6 1/2 put on my Jeep Wrangler. The airbag sensor is apparently deactivated when the plow is on and the wiring connected. When the plow was taken off, the light went off (for a while anyway). About 1/2 hour later it came back on and pretty much stays on all the time. The dealer isn't exactly around the corner so I'm wondering if anyone has had this occur and maybe can let me know what I could check myself.


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FUSE bud.they do pop at times i know my truck did it a few the dumb a## that put it on might of crossed a wire.thats why i install all my new plows so i can only be pissed at one person when it breaks down LOL