Air Breaks and Lot Plowing

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by GeoffD, May 13, 2001.

  1. GeoffD

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    Not that I have had a problem with this. However I wonder if anyone who plows with a truck with air breaks have ever run your air tanks down. While plowing a small lot with lots of quick stops and starts.

  2. Deere John

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    I have manouvered the air-brake equipped bucket trucks I used to own in tight spots that required lots of to and frow work with low engine revs. I never had the buzzer come on. Freeze-up may be more of a problem in snow work with swirling snow being sucked into the compressor.
  3. steveair

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    When running our 67 walter in tight areas, I experienced one time when the buzzard sounded. That was an extreme case, lots of tight turning, stops, sliding, etc( plowing between airplanes 60 feet apart with a 20 foot plow and 2 ft of snow, you get the picture)

    the truck has a few leaks in the system, so it doesn't maintain pressure all that well under harder circumstances.

    The biggest problem we have is in the shop when we try to park our older f800 ford automatic. We have to 'maneuver' it around about 10 times to squeeze it in, so that drains quick.

    Besides those two, we have any had any problems with the osk kosh or the international, but those are fairly new trucks.

  4. Mike Nelson

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    Haven't had any problems with our trucks.

    Mike Nelson
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    Not here!

    We've never had any problems like that while plowing. We had one of the new guys last fall do it to a 10 ton dump in our parking lot trying to get his trailer "un" jackknifed though! ;)

    You should be okay in most situations though.
  6. diggerman

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    We do one worse than small lots, we push back corners with tandem air brake trucks at the airport and have never had a problem. Corners involve only backing up the length of the truck so there is not even the short run across a lot.
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    Hey diggerman,

    Do you push corners back on the airfield, or are you referring to parking lots/general areas at the airport?

    Just wondering, as we 'square' all of are corners on the airfield, or bring the blower in to take care of them. When we push corners back at taxiway/runway intersection, we create too high of a windrow that becomes a wing clearance problem.

    Sometimes, we bring tractors or loaders in to push back corners, but we push them WAY back into the grass as to not create a windrow.

    Just wondering what you mean by corners.

  8. guido

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    I know you weren't asking me, but I'll butt in anyway ;)

    When we do taxiway/runway intersections we usuall go like this:

    after we open the runway clear to the edge, we go down and "bowl out into the taxiways, pushing them in a half moon pattern back into the taxiway end. This helps alot when plowing the taxiways so when the plows come down they run out of snow in front of their blade by the time they get close to the runway, so they don't leave trails or a messy intersection.

    We didn't get enough this year, but if the windrows around the corners ever got to big, we have the blowers ready so they don't pile up.

    We sqaure off all the corners on the plane parking ramps and aprons, but the way the airfield is laid out we don't have to do much backing up.
  9. diggerman

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    To answer your question we do push back corners then when the piles get to high we take the loaders and push the piles out into the feild about two feet deep. We spend alot of time keeping the piles low because the U. here had or has two King airs and they do not have alot of clearence.Never the less there is alot of back and forth and we do not seem to suffer an air pressure problem.