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Agri-Fab broadcast spreader

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by lownrangr, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. ok, i've done some searching though old threads, but didn't find what I need. There is an Agri-Fab 100# spreader at the hardware store. My question is how well does it work with rock salt? I don't want to buy it if it's only for summer products. Please let me know how it works. thanks.
  2. We think they are great. We have used them the past two season to spread Magic Salt on our properties. I gears finally broke apart but not bad for 2 year. Earthway and Magic Salt have a new specialty spreader that works great with salt and treated salts and it has a deflector. Similar costs
  3. ok, cool. I guess my main concern was if the holes are big enough for rock salt to flow through, but I guess they are if you've used them. Thanks for the reply. :)
  4. MowingisMaddnes

    MowingisMaddnes Member
    Messages: 85

    works ok

    I have used an AgriFab spreader for the last few years, and it will get you by. The opening is big enough for rock salt however I have had real problems with it opening and closing. Either it will stick open or closed. It seems to be a poor design on the mechanism that works the gate?
  5. Bob Church

    Bob Church Member
    Messages: 86

    Sure-Flow Vibrators

    Your AgriFab spreader will spread rock salt like crazy if you put a standard performance Sure-Flow vibrator on it from Karrier Company.

    Please call with questions: 800-709-4434

    Karrier Company