Agri-Cover, Inc. releases new universal wireless remote kit

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    Agri-Cover, Inc. releases new universal wireless remote kit for any electric roll tarp system for only $360.00

    ACI (Agri-Cover, Inc.), manufacturer of the SRT-2™ Spool Roll Tarp and the EZ-LOC® Roll-Up Tarp, announces the release of their new universal remote kit system. Now you can convert any existing electric spool roll tarp or side locking tarp system to a remote system. The wireless remote kit allows any user to safely and efficiently operate their electric roll tarp system from the comfort of their cab, eliminating down time in the field and increasing production. The universal remote kit can be purchased for any existing electric roll tarp system for $360.00

    The remote kit is quick and easy to install and includes the following components:

    • Sealed, weather resistant control box – no solenoids to install or tricky wiring
    • Manual control switch for an alternative operating method
    • 2 wireless remote key fobs
    • Hardware kit
    • Mounting template
    • Instructions

    Agri-Cover, Inc. also offers a complete, easy to install electric conversion kit with remote to convert any manual roll tarp system to electric. To place an order or to find a dealer near you, visit or call 1-800-233-4655.
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    we got one of those last year at the National Farm Machinrey show in Kentucky.

    We can combine corn in the rain now. Just pull up with the machine, hit the button and the trap moves, dump you load, hit the button again and she closes.