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Does anybody tack on these fees to people that decide to call you for an estimate, then cancel, and then call you back? The most proffesional way I think to handle people like this is to just give them a higher estimate next time they want a price on anything.

I was refered by a lawnsiter :D and I went out to this home (probably worth about atleast $350,000), and gave them an estimate and then she called and said, "go ahead and do it." I then got a phone call canceling my proposal. The neighbor called and wanted to set his own price for plowing his driveway. Kinda reminds me of the commercial "How do you think I got soooo rich?"

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Erie, PA
Everybody has the right to be a butthead....

As long as they pay for the privilidge.

I hate when this type of thing happens.

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cos, they get one shot. Next time they call, sorry folks my schedule is full.

The night before this last storm, I recieved several calls from folks asking if I would do their property, Im a neighbor of so-and-so, no hurry, whenever you get to it, etc. Two of them were done when I got there. No big deal. I had to be at the neighbors anyway. I sent them a bill for the visit. Dont expect to be paid, but I await the phone call so I can get a kick out of the lame excuses I will get as to why it was done and nobody bothered to call and let me know to not show up. For those two, if there is a next time they will purposely get skipped.

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