Age of plow??

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Mike Hughes, Dec 27, 2000.

  1. Mike Hughes

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    How can I determine the age of my plow? I bought a used 2000 F250 SD, and it came with a Western 7.5' plow. The paint is flaking off and it has rust spots all over it. I realize snow and salt can be rough on a plow, but the plow still looks older then one year, but the previous owner says its not. Any way for me to find out for sure?
  2. plowking35

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    Email western with the model number, they should be able to tell you at least what year the plow was produced.
  3. John DiMartino

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    My western looks terrible too and its on its 3 rd season,I just bought it used,my Fishers still look new-so I might believe him after looking at mine.
  4. slplow

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    western/fisher both have paint problems
  5. jason2

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    I bought a used western 7.5 this year. It's 3 years old with horrible paint problems also. The plow itself is in excellent shape, just the powder coat is garbage. I plan to blast the powder coat off this summer and lay down some paint.
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    I wouldn't bother emailing Western. I have emailed them 12 times on 3 different subjects in the past month and they have yet to answer my emails. I have to put them on my list with that company in Mass as far as taking care of their web presence (although the Mass. company scored less for the way they treated me). Oh well, I guess some companies must have enough money that they don't care if they lose a potential customer. Must be why a competitor's plow is hanging from my Western mount right now.
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    I emailed them a couple of days ago, still no response. Again, many companies neglect their websites. If you are going to bother with the web, you must keep on top of the site. Companies will figure it out sooner or later. Guess I have to find their phone number.

    Anyone know how to get shop manuals for the MVP and straight blades????
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    They responded with part numbers for the manuals I requested. Two days is a reasonable time period. Try your luck.
  9. BRL

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    Some of the online plow parts stores sell the manuals. Do a search to find them if you don't have the links.