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I was just wondering if any of you have seen ag tractors used for snow removal. We farm and i thought it would make sense to get some use out of our tractors over the winter months. I was thinking of getting an older highway type plow and making some brackets for our big 4x4 tractor. This would mostly be useful for big parking lots.


We've used some ag type tractors in the past. Like any piece of machinery, if set up right and a competent operator, you can move a lot of snow. In some places the blowers on the pto can be pretty nice, but an angle blade on the front I think works quite well. What size of machine were you thinking of using anyhow?

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I've often thought that a Versatile (now made by New Holland) would make a killer snowfighter. Something like 135 hp. articulated, and somehow the operator platform turns around so whichever way you are facing becomes "forward". No looking over your shoulder in either direction. They have a loader for it that is very near industrial strength and would make a nice mount for either a pusher or a big blade. Windrow and then blow the windrow out of the way. Some of the PTO blowers are pretty awesome, and being able to turn and see what you were doing from either end seems like a nice way to go. Problem is the initial cost and limited use would make it financially impractical.


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I have my Kubota G. L. 3600 set up witha heated cab, The loader i have installed a skidsteer quick connector that i have a meyers 7.5' blade mounted to a blank skid steer plate. I have also run hydralics to the front of the machine with flat face couplers to provide blade angle and for use with a grappel bucket. I run a 5' 3 point hitch grader blade on the rear. Last winter it proved to be very valubale addition to the fleet.
I have seen some John Deere older 4000 series with homemade subframes and 9'& 10' blades on them they did also have them chained up.


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They are every where here. We have an Agco Allis we use but much of our communities streets are let out to farmers for snow removal and they use all kinds of tractors. The City provides them with used DOT blade which they mount on their farm tractors.They are called in after 3 inchs of snow has fallen to plow secondary streets and culdusacs.


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Hello All,
Around here many companys sub local farmers with large farm tractors, most with front angle blade and rear blade. One problem I have seen is with some of the farm subs with the company I sub for, with such huge machine in a white-out the operators can easily take out parking ties, cart corrals, and even handicap parking posts. Other than being very destructive under the wrong conditions they are great to move large amounts of snow. BTW the subs I mentioned no longer work for the same company :)
I have used a big ford, a Universal and an old White. All were set up with a snow bucket and a blade on the rear. The only problem with most ag tractors is that they really arn't set up for loader type work as quite often the loader controls and gear/shuttle/3 pointhitch/rear hydraulic controls are all operated by the same hand and there is no way to do 2 operations together. This wastes time while you do one operation when on a proper loader you can do 2 or 3. But it sure is hard to get an ag tractor stuck and yes you can do a lot of damage if not carefull. I also found that with those big rear tires you don"t need the 4 wheel drive very often. In fact my favourite machine was the old white and it was 2 wheel drive. When you did get stuck you can always push yourself out with the bucket.

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I'm from a small town in ND. They used a JD 7520 with a blade and the county grader for snow removal. The 7520 is a center articulated 4x4 tractor. That thing moved mountains of snow. Nobody in the area had plow trucks except for the highway department. Most every farmer used their tractors for snow removal, lot's of them had three point mounted PTO blowers.

Regarding the Ford/Versatile universal tractors(cab turns around, allowing operation from front or back), a few guys had these with the loader on one end and a blower on the other end. Work great.


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on farm got a newer 50 hp kubota with front loader and rear blade and ag tires. no need for weights or chains of any sort, loader and or blade work just fine

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