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i just bought a new 2000 chevy 3500 a few months back, i want some more MPG and horsepower, what aftermarket accessories/upgrades do you get the most bang for your buck? I was thinking about a K & N air intake, powertech chip and flowmaster? are they all worth it? thanks



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They all sound like good upgrades, however I dont know if a chip is available. I think on the newer trucks, they just reflash the computer.
The flowmaster and K&N will help with power, I dont know about economy.

John DiMartino Veteran
As for programming-get the hypertech powerprogrammer.It is the best way to increase performance.With it you can compensate for changes in tire size,change shift points and firmness,increase RPm,and speed limiter settings,and maximize programming with 160-180-and 195 T-stats.I do not like the Jet tunimg module-it is merly a set of resisters that fool the stock programming by altering the signal to the stock programming,so shift points,PRM limiters,and tuning cannot be maximized-it isnt even cheap either,so avoid it and go straight to the Hypertech.

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