Aftermarket Rear Bumper

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by NH Plowman, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. NH Plowman

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    Okay, I've damaged my rear bumper for the last time, and it's bent into the body. Anyone have a lead on a decent aftermarket rear bumper, or maybe you've built your own that you'd share?
  2. cdahl1177

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    i bought my Dmax used and it came with a HEAVY duty steel bumper. i have no idea what brand it is but i will try and grab a pic of it tomorrow and post so you can see it.
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    N-fab or ranch hand would be a good place to start :)
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    With your history, I'd stick with a stock bumper. Hit something solid with a "heavy duty" bumper and you risk bending the frame - a much more expensive fix than getting another work truck bumper from the junk yard or craigslist. The factory bumpers are engineered to give, so that your truck doesn't.
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    Rear Bumper Protection

    Got one of these from Now I don't worry about backing into things. It's energy absorbing so it will protect your hitch, frame and bumper.
  6. DeereFarmer

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    If you want to do the custom route and don't mind a trip to Mass, try Cavalier's Welding in Acton (I think). They do quality work and can custom build whatever you want for a bumper. Probably will end up being cheaper than another bumper and shipping.
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    yup Deere Farmer you are correct cavalier welding in acton is the one who makes all of those nice steel bumpers. Thats what bumper is going on my truck next. They are solid bumpers and they make them with or without lights on them.heres the link
  8. DeereFarmer

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    Great link Wolf! I didn't know they had gotten so fancy. When I get my next truck, i'm getting one with the extra lights. They look great. My '95 F350 has had one of their bumpers on since new. Never repainted or anything and it still looks good for a 16 year old steel bumper on a plow truck in New England. Its a strong bumper. You worry more about the thing you hit rather than what your truck looks like.

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    yea i want mine with lights on it to and they are nice cause you don't have to worry about damge to your bumper when plowing lol. my brothers friend has one with the lights in it and i thnk it cost about $900. i see them all the time on trucks where i plow
  10. joshg

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  11. cdahl1177

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    here is the bumper that came on my truck when i bought it used

  12. knpc

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    I was looking at the Buckstop bumper also, it looks good. After not putting a even ding in a bumper in ten years of plowing, I backed into a snow bank last week and dented the stock one. It seems I could get a nice aftermarket bumper for the same price as a OEM bumper, and it would hold up better.
  13. JimRoss

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    I just ordered a tube bumper from $446 shipped to a business address near me.
    Bottom bumper is what I ordred ( 8" drop, no lights, works with factory hitch )
    Its being shipped tomorrow. I'll take pic's once I get it.
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  15. serafii

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    heres one me n my dad built about 10 years ago. 8 inch C channel just cut, bent and welded together. took the brackets off the stock bumper, welded them to this one n it bolts right up to the truck.

    the bumper has had MANY collision with other vehicles, snow/ice banks and cement walls. it hasnt even moved.

    total cost was probably about $100-$200 with about 2 days of work.


  16. JimRoss

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    Posting this for anyone that googles Dont wast your time. Mark ( owner ) seems to be a real flake. Its been over a month since I ordered, and what was supposed to be shipped in a couple days, has still not been shipped. The guy ignores phone calls and most txt messages. He txt'd back just enough to keep me waiting. I finally gave up today, texted and called him to cancel my order ( still havent heard from him ).

    Sooo, I order from another vendor. I paid $550 shipped for this:
    Not as heavy duty as the tube bumper, but I like the style better. I'll post the vendor, once I have it in hand.
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  17. 2004chevy2500hd

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    JimRoss - Very nice sir! Thanks for the pic!
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    I ordered a Buckstop rear bumper, it should be here next week. I'll let you know how the quality is and fit/finish when it gets here. I went with this one because I wanted something a little more refined looking than other steel bumpers I found.

    rear bumper.jpg
  20. JimRoss

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    I really liked the Buckstop bumper, but they wanted $875 shipped, for a plain one ( no lighting holes ). I'm sure you'll enjoy it.