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Need to order new angle cylinders for a meyers 8 ft plow and was looking for feedback on three suppliers. I have used J Thomas for lawn parts and CPW for some snowplow parts but also am considering Mill Supply. Prices between the three are relatively close, more concerned with quality and service and delivery when promised. Anyone have problems with parts quality from these suppliers or problems with returns if neccesary??? Are their other suppliers out there I should be looking into?

Im in NJ and have been following the snow forum for a while and now diving in for some information. Thank you.

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We buy all our aftermarket snow parts from J. Thomas. I can highly recommend them. Fast delivery - and if they are out of stock they tell you.

Also, they give SIMA members an 8% discount.


can you post address and telephone numbers for these suppliers and any others that you can reccommend. I am in CT on the MA border

Chuck Smith

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Northern Tool has them too. About $50. My brother got a set 2 years ago for his Meyer, and if he didn't blow them yet, no one can!
Just replaced his A frame this week, after he cracked it into two pieces. He got a price from of over $225. He got it locally, it listed at $187, he got a discount, and got it for $150 something. Since you are in NJ too CMerLand, he got it at Industrial Truck Bodies in Elizabeth. They have a ton of parts on hand, and really know thier stuff. As far as A frames go, They come in different lengths, which I didn't know. They come in 30" long, up to 37" long. Seems I have the wrong one myself, since my plow can just touch my bumper when fully angled. I picked up my brother's plow and took it home for him, and it didn't touch my bumper fully angled.
Oh, and didn't ask him the length of the A frame when he was going to buy it from them....

As John said, and as you know, J Thomas is a good source. Northern Tool is a good source for all hydraulic parts.
Locally, in NJ Industrial Truck Bodies is a good source.


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