Aftermarket intake & carb?


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Some quick background:
I have a 1985 Chevy 1/2 ton 4x4 auto, 350 engine that I am getting ready to either rebuld or replace with a crate engine (haven't decided yet). The engine currently runs good, but a recent drop in oil pressure inidcates bearings are going.

I am getting an engine code which indentifies a problem with the idle mixture solenoid, located in the stock carb. Replacement is about $90 bucks and untold time/headache to remove and replace, not to mention this is the orignial carb with >120k miles and no telling if it will starte to have other problems. So my question is: when I replace/rebuild the engine, should I replace the stock intake & carb with aftermarket (Edelbrock/Holley) or keep and rebuild the stock carb? What issues am I dealing with respect to emissions if I go the aftermarket route? Any other words of wisdom?
Thanks in advance!

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