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I have a pressure washer but I left water in the pump and cracked, so now we go to local car wash to wash. We clean truck and sander after every storm, Our trucks and how they look are important and says alot about our company. Plus keeps the rust and grime off our trucks to keep clean also will prevent added maintenance. Our trucks get attention cause they are professionaly lettered and kept REAL clean.

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Every truck gets washed after every storm. Now they don't get washed as soon as we are done plowing, it is more like the next day is when we wash them. I have to bays in the shop with trench drains, and drive through doors. We can fit 4 1 ton dump or rack bodies in at a time, or two big trucks.

All we use are regualar watter pressure. Then we use some soap, and rinse them off. In the winter things get washed about once a week, because it takes a few days for all the grime to dry up on the roads.



We wash everytime we get done, this allows us to check everything on the truck and plow for any possible problems. Trucks have lettering on them and we like to look professional. Some peaple think we wre crazy, but for the few $ it costs us to wash is well worth it.

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I get washer during the storm,mostly to clean all the snow off the truck and after the storm,every truck,every time.Thats one nice thing about having a truckwash for a plow account-truck is clean in 3 minutes at the keeps everything looking like new.


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It gets washed after every event,truck,spreaders the local car wash for 3 bucks and my time.Its worth it for all of the above reasons...then back to the shop to check everything over.

yep keep them clean , every storm or after every salt run

local pay-n-spray,seems to add up but so does body work

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