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After Season Questio

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by DAZ982500, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. DAZ982500

    DAZ982500 Senior Member
    Messages: 142

    I Have not had any specific requests or calls on this but how manyhave either had customers call or request you to return and patch up lawns/asphalt.I feel that since it was my first year out I would probably comply with those request i.e. good PR.Although, per say, it is shall we say an unaviodable part of the business when you are trying to move snow back in the beginning of the season.How do you deal with thiS? THANKS DAZ.
  2. karl klein

    karl klein Senior Member
    Messages: 557

    we do alot of patching or reseeding at some of our commercial propertys where there is no way to avoid the problem with salt burning the lawn, but we also try and pile the snow in the parking lot itself to prevent this whenever possible. as for residential i dont see it as a problem but if i got that call i would also fix it to keep them happy repairs to the commercial lawns are charged to the customers for they are the ones that designed the properties not us.
  3. bcf

    bcf Senior Member
    Messages: 206

    I tell all my clients that I will fix anything I mess up come spring. It mentally helps me keep control over what I do, and something I think they like to hear. Luckily, half of my customers are my buddy's lawncare customers, so I may be able to get him to scratch my back, so to speak. I even told my one customer that I would rake the stones from his drive when spring comes. I don't know what I was thining, as it's a big drive. But they pay well, so I do what I can.
  4. Ole JIM

    Ole JIM Senior Member
    Messages: 137

    Every One plowing runs into this Problem!--as We all get that THAW in Mid Winter where the Ground gets Soft--& We get a WET SNOW--that has to be Plowed!--mainly because? in just a few Hours after this Wet Snow storm Passes! its gong to Get Real COLD!--& most Dirt drives end Up on the Edges of their Lawns?--leaving a Mess!-that Some One? has to clean UP next Spring!--& most? Customers Here take Care of that Themselves!--but--the ONES that DO Inqure? especially the Older Folk!--I Run Over & Do a Little Shoveling & Racking!--& Help in moving the Picknic Table ECT!--& CHAT--Letting Them KNOW I CARE!--Good PR! & thats the Name of the Plowing GAME!--Ole JIM--
  5. TriCountySnow

    TriCountySnow Member
    Messages: 34


    We Usally Will Replace Any Commercaial Grass At A Charge To Them However In Your Contract It Clearily States That We Assume No Responsiblity For Damage To Lawn, Drives. You Cant Control That, Blades Scape Across Concrete Will Scratch It, Part Of The Job. Use Your Own Judgement