After blizzard venting

This is my first chance to sit down after the Illinois blizzard and I have a few thoughts I'd like to vent.

1. Why is it that you can be plowing in a big yellow 1 ton, big yelow plow, rotating light in the evening and some jerk will always pull in behind you when you're backing up. Then he comments "I didn't see you"?

2. Why when you drive down the road in the afore mentioned truck pulling a skidloader on less than safe roads does every jerk have to pull out in front of you 50 yards before you get to them and then sit there in their SUV and spin while you contemplate how hard your going to slam into them?

3. Make sure that when you go to stick your head out the window to see the edge of your plow next to obstacles that the window is all the way down. Halfway realy hurts. Did this twice Tues. AM too much time in the truck and left a funny bruise.

4. Pulled into a fast food joint at noon. Some guy in a railroad maint. truck trying to figure out whether to back up or just park. I waited with my usual patience and then parked. We both got out of our trucks at the same time and this guty is huge, and I'm not. I joked that we were dancing in the parking lot and he proceeds to give me 2 more jobs worth around $75 a piece. Some things aren't all bad.

5. The given is that in the middle of this you have to blow at least 1 plow lineand stick at least one piece of machinery.

And remember, all that glitters is not gold, especially when its stuck in your tire!

SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
Not only did I have people moving their cars right behind me while I was plowing, but I also had a few standing around watching me plow that would just stand there and stare while I almost backed up right over them. Do people not realize how hard it is to see with a BIG RED spreader hanging off the back of the truck???

Also saw a semi pull into a small gas station and got the trailer stuck under the roof. I thought the whole roof was gonna come down. Interesting.


Michael F

Senior Member
Rochester, NY
We went to plow yesterday, just windblown snow, dumps vacum pump froze up, toasted the belt also, took it to mechanics, still not back had to plow this morning, luckily just lake effect, only hit one area of town, calling for another 4-6 tonight, I have to get on my mechics to get it finished, its sunny out now, he probably doesn't even realize snow is comming. Out of 3 good snowfalls this truck has run one. Time to get rid of it. I'm going to look at a replacement truck this afternoon, '88 Chevy K3500, 40,000 miles with Fisher plow, striped auto, 350, thats it, only AM radio, was town truck don't know if thats good or bad, will have mechinic check it first, they want $ 8900, seems a little steep, for that year truck, but truck is in mint shape on the outside, plow is weatherbeaten, but not abused looking. Fun Fun Fun.

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