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  1. astrogt

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    i have a 2000 f250 with a boss 7'6" straight plow... i just had to replace the ball joints and seals on the front end and was wondering if there was anything i could add to the front end to help or slow this from happening again. the truck has 125,000 miles and is in very good shape overall.........
  2. oldmankent

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    you need another 18" of plow on that truck and they won't wear any faster.
  3. OP

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    im happy with the 7'6" plow. just wondering if there is something i could do to reduce or slow the wear to the suspension....clay
  4. Mark Witcher

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    If this is the firts time in 125,000 miles that you had to repair them. Thats normal without a plow.
  5. hydro_37

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    make sure to get good parts and they will last longer.....but this is normal on Fords
  6. Plow Nuts

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    make sure you had Moog balljoints installed as they are greaseable. The OE ford balljoints are not and wear alot faster.
  7. damian

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    i find oe ball joints last longer than greasable replacements mostly because greasable ball joints dont get customers who do their own maint or go to quick lubes never grease the front ends.i have done ball joints on the same vehicle more than once on many occasions and used moog and other high end replacements and it doesnt seem to matter, you need to grease the front end at every oil change.