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i have an `86 chevy 1/2 ton 4x4. the rear of the truck sits lower than the front and it sags with load. i just bought a parts truck and was going to add those springs into my stack. I`m 17 and just starting my life of truck building and am on a VERY limited budget(thats why i just don`t get new springs), my dad says he has done this before but i wanted to know if it will work as good as new springs from the local shop. i don`t really want load capacity, i just want to level off the stance of my truck or make the rear a little higher than the front. What is your imput?<br>frahmie<p>see my truck at


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It will work, But it will probably be a job. In Michigan, any attempt at this type of thing would require a heat wrench. So you may need a set of tourches to help free things up. Good Luck.


actually, you prob would be better off and save a bunch of time to offer to mow the neighbors lawn a couple of times for about 20-30 bucks. then go to the local auto parts store and buy a lift/lowering kit, you can buy the blocks and the shackles for 20-30 depending on if you want 2&quot;-4&quot; this will give the rear end the added height and will save you time and a crap load of frusteration.<p>-Abe<br>


I agree with Abe, buy a set of lift blocks from a 4x4 center(or magazine), you can get them in any height from 1 to 6 inches. The kit will cost about $50 and include the U bolts that you are going to definety torch off. It may not be a bad idea to add more spring packs also, just buy a new center bolt from a parts store, use a cut-off wheel on the old one and put more packs in.<br> <br>


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I had the same problem with another 1/2 ton, and I got an add-a-leaf. Wow, it got rid of the sag'n and then some. I got the short leave that's supposed to increase load carying capacity also. I've also had a truck with the long spring that's softer on. For what you want I'd go with this. Keeps the ride pretty soft, you can get a Pro Comp one for about 50 bucks out of summit racing, and it's a project that you can finish in an afternoon. Use lots of penetrating oil and you might be able to get the old U bolts off without a torch.<br>Good luck.

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