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Adding a plow to a '99 F150

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by jhenegh, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. jhenegh

    jhenegh Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 39

    Do you guys see any issues with putting a 7.5' sno-way on a 1999 F150 4x4? It's a 4.6L 5-spd, 4.11 gears (installed@87,000), regular cab long bed, 95,000 miles. I'm in central Indiana.

    A sno-way off a 2002 F150 popped up and it has caught my attention. Mainly be using it for longer country drives, plowing around our farm yard and whatever miscellaneous little things pop up. Not planning on much if any 100% "commercial" anytime soon.

    Anybody put the updated torsion bars in an F150? My front end is rated at 3680lbs right now. Ford sells different torsion bars to bring it up to 4150lbs, the same ones used on those goofy 7700GVW F150/250's. (I still won't have the bigger frame or 7-lug wheels, but the suspension would probably carry the plow better)

  2. R3Dside

    R3Dside Member
    Messages: 86

    anybody?, I'd like to know this too. I wasn't aware that you could just pop in the torsion bars off a 7700. I might look into that, I started installing my new Timbrens today. My 700lb western unimount 7.6'' is heavy, and i'd like to help out the front of the truck. It doesn't sag horribly, but I like my stuff running at 100% perfection, and i hate sagging trucks!. haha
  3. jhenegh

    jhenegh Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 39

    Well I'm getting a 7.5' Sno Way 26D with all the mount and wiring as soon as the guy gets it off his '02 Supercrew.

    I guess I'll just wait and see how it fits before I look to upgrade the bars. It didn't sag his truck too much...