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Addicted to Plowing

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by JMR, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. JMR

    JMR Senior Member
    Messages: 567

    I realize there are many different kinds of people on this forum and people plow snow for different reasons. From personal plowers to subs to contractors. To most on this forum it is some sort of business(extra income, supplement to lawn business, contracting, excavating, etc). But are you ADDICTED to plowing. My wife and kids think I'm a snow plow junkie. I guess here would be the signs. I watch the weather channel (way to often). I watch the weather on all 4 local TV networks. I have 6 weather sites and 2 forecasting models under my favorites on my computer. I spend endless hours conversing with other plowers on this forum discussing every aspect of snow removal.I look forward and can't wait for every snow storm. I think they are right, besides doing it for the payup I must be an addict. I guess there are worse things to be addicted to. Are you addicted?
  2. Turfmower

    Turfmower Senior Member
    Messages: 376

    Only one reason money. Years with no snow, I can do other things. Two years ago I was planting trees in January. I had enough winter all ready. Maybe in two weeks when my new truck is in I will want to plow again.
  3. The Boss

    The Boss 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,099

    I can say I'm addicted for the following reasons: When I go out to plow and I'm done with all my accounts, I drive around to friends places trying to find something else to plow, the only thing I really watch on TV is the weather channel(even though their usually wrong)(got it on right now) all I talk about is plowing snow, I often dream of plowing, I can't stop checking Johndee.com and weather.com, in the summer I spend alot of quality time with my plow in the shop:rolleyes: , and my girlfriend says she feels like I'm cheating on her with my truck and plow because that's all I think and talk about. I'm sure there's more but I'll post them when I think of em.

    Jmr, what weather sites do you got to? Thanks!:waving:
  4. JMR

    JMR Senior Member
    Messages: 567

    Plowing Addicts Weather Sites.

    proa.accuweather.com (pay site, but has a free 1 month trial) read Joe Bastardi and watch videos, also has forecasting models and tons of good stuff.
    www.crh.noaa.gov (also read forecast discussions)
    cirrus.sprl.umich.edu/wxnet/model.html (forecasting models)
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2004
  5. The Boss

    The Boss 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,099

    Thanks! I'll check em out. Any opinion on which one is the most accurate(as if any of them are?:rolleyes: ):waving:
  6. MickiRig1

    MickiRig1 PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,617

    OH MY GOD:
    You have the same problem I have!
    I Dream about it some times!
    I can be on the INTERNET, only to hear the weatherman to say "nor-ester setting up" as I See it coming.
    You ain't the only one, be assured.
    I hear ya buddy I am right there beside ya. My son's will have the same obsession too. They can read the radar too. They want their own shovels.
  7. The Boss

    The Boss 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,099

    Sometimes i get so excited to plow that I put my blade on knowing all we're going to get is a dusting.:rolleyes: :p
  8. JMR

    JMR Senior Member
    Messages: 567

    I like checking out Joe Bastardi at wwwl.accuweather.com/pro_login.php
    He really knows his stuff. Long range forecaster. Different from the norm. MOST weather forecasters do nothing more than QUOTE THE MODELS. A real forecaster looks at the big picture(the whole world), uses the models as tools, his own instincts and experience to derive a forecast.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2004
  9. The Boss

    The Boss 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,099

    Thanks again J:waving:
  10. Manx

    Manx Senior Member
    Messages: 115

    I wouldn't say Addicted to plowing
    But I've never enjoyed winter so much till I bought my plow
  11. Plow Meister

    Plow Meister PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,174

    Where do I begin?!?!?!?

    Am I addicted to plowing? I don't think I can describe in words how addicted I am. When a jet flied by at night, I wake up and look out my window to see if the city plow trucks are out (I do this ALL YEAR LONG). After my accounts are done, I cruise the neighborhood and look for neighbors and old ladies to "help out". I am in the middle of building my own weather station to broadcast over the web for my, soon-to-be, northwest Indiana and south Chicagolands only online source for weather and snow plowing / removal. I built a shrine for all my blades to rest in the summer. I am on a personal name basis with Western, Drift Buster, and now Sno-Way. I write down names and phone numbers in the summer of possible plow accounts in the winter. I could go on for hours and pages, but I won't.
  12. 85F150

    85F150 Senior Member
    Messages: 340

    i am addicted to winter...i have to have lots of snow to play in then th eplow is just added enjoyment....my mom thinks i am nuts...i spend hour and a half just doing our driveway and and around the yard...i do anything to get out and plow or paly in the snow ith my truck...i usually drive dsown the road in two wheel just for the fun....seems how i drove a 79 firebird for a couple of weeks in deep snow so i know how to handle the damn truck...and guess what? its snowing right now...:nod:
  13. JMR

    JMR Senior Member
    Messages: 567

    Another sign you're a plowing addict.

    If you're on this site & reading this post. YOU ARE A PLOWING ADDICT!!!!:waving:
  14. crashz

    crashz Senior Member
    Messages: 256

    Addicted to Plowing. Yep - but its my father's fault. And my mother's for letting him take me plowing. When I was a kid I would ride with him, sometimes all night. By 14 I was plowing at the local airport with the truck in my signature. I later on bought that truck. There is nothing like plowing for days on end in a closed airport with a bevy of snow removal equipment. When the big snows of 96 required us to get a runway snowblower - I ran that exclusively (probably be cause it was the loudest machine ever made. Like a rock concert in a tin can!). I drove our single axle Macks, a 4x4 International Loadstar, our Cat 950, Hough 65, and on a rare occasion got to plow with the new in 95 one ton dump!

    Some of my fondest memories of my youth is plowing. Out with my father and uncle, it was great experience. We all worked very hard together, and made lots of money. To this day, every time I hear the song "Mr. Jones" by the Counting Crows, I think of plowing up there at the airport in our old 86 one ton dump. I remeber sticking my head out the window to watch my front tire as I pushed the snow off the ramps and into the grass. At the same time the Counting Crows were a no name band and just release the song to be played for the first time on the air. It was like a year later that the song became popular.

    I wish I was still plowing today. Honestly I haven't dropped a blade in at least two years or more. I moved off to college, then got a decent job out here. No more time to plow. But in the winter time its hard. I really want to break free of my 9-5 and puny paycheck. Want to go back to plowing, sanding, and busting my butt for a good paycheck.

    Sorry for the long post. :D
  15. PLOWMAN45

    PLOWMAN45 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,951

    i just like winter in general so i might as well have fun and make some cash in the mean time
  16. cja1987

    cja1987 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,407

    Joe Bastardi is excellent knows what hes talking about and presents it in a different yet understandable way.
  17. DJL

    DJL Senior Member
    Messages: 343

    I thought in order to have an addiction it needed to be a drug? Guess I inhale too much of the white stuff while plowing...
  18. Craftybigdog

    Craftybigdog Senior Member
    Messages: 238

    Thank goddness I thought something was wrong with me and we still havent got anything to speak of, I cant take it!:angry: :angry: :realmad: :realmad:
  19. Snow Jaw

    Snow Jaw Senior Member
    Messages: 106

    Yeah I can say that I am one..
    After moving to Omaha over the summer, I was kind looking forward doing some snow plowing around..
    only some home calls and doing my own drive way.. nothing much more that I really want to get out do MORE! :bluebounc :redbounce

    SIPLOWGUY Senior Member
    Messages: 686

    I will confess I am a snow plow addict. When I start talking about plows I don't shut up! Nothing makes my blood race more than the site of my F150 with the Fisher hung. I even have my son hooked. I came home from work today and I grabbed the shovel and ice chopper. As soon as my son heard the scraping he shot out of house and grabbed the shovel. He promptly asked if he should get the tractor. I decided I may put in for Monday off so I can stay out plowing (I heard snow Sunday). It could be worse....I could drink or chase women....BUT I RATHER CHASE THAT SNOWFLAKE!:bluebounc

    anthony tractor f150 2.jpg