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The first one with the angle is from 1924. Another more recent shovel looks about the same. The one with the drawing of the pert young lady using it. You'll recognize 1-2 others if you own "snow plow" type shovels. Some others are totally bonkers, the work of madmen. I searched the patent office website for "snow" and "shovel" in patent titles. This is just a sampling of the highlights.

There's one with a snowblower built in, totally rad.

Font Parallel Drawing Elbow Auto part

That one (above) has a deicing system, heated shovel surface, and a light.

Font Engineering Auto part Drawing Cylinder

Triangle Automotive design Parallel Auto part Font

Motor vehicle Font Automotive design Art Auto part

Slope Parallel Crane Font Rectangle

Slope Triangle Font Parallel Auto part

Font Art Drawing Line art Illustration

Head Organism Art Font Pattern

Plant Font Water Cylinder Drawing

Plant Organism Slope Font Twig
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