Accounts per truck ratio

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by thelawnguy, Dec 8, 2000.

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    Wondering what the ratio is for accounts per truck? Do you keep signing on new accounts until you get stuck, then hire another sub?
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    If you can get the funds to purchase another truck plus employee and make money great. If you cant you might want to find a local plower that you can sub the work to him and make a few bucks at it. We run 2 trucks know but ran 1 when started and subbed out rest there is money to be made both ways.
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    To clarify: I wouldnt want to hire subs and have them hanging around after a few hours due to lack of work, on the other hand neither would I want to be working 60 hours straight just to keep my obligations. How do you folks find that "happy medium"?
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    I guess i didnt clarify myself, We use to sub-contract driveways out to other plowers with there own trucks like we sub-contracted out 2 shopping centers a few years back gave them $400 for both and we billed the shoppng centers directly and charged them $450.00 so we made $50 every storm and none of my equipment was being used. We know run 2 trucks and if filled to capacity we revert back to sub-contracting. Im not sure why those people should stand around I hardly ever see my sub-contractors at all. Why are they hanging around at shop or home? If there sub-contractors they should have there own plowing too?
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    There are so many variables to take into consideration such as,distance between locations,types of accounts(i.e.apts,large commercial,churches,retirement communities),level of service required,size of accounts,number of snow events,average snow fall, and so on.For my situation I figure between 10 and 15 accounts per plow, this allows a little breathing room on tight snow in reguard to time.Because of our snow fall we gear up for 2" to 4" snows 7 to 12 times a year, anything larger is somewhat of an event.
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    I go buy hours, 12 hours of plow time to complete a route is the max.


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    unless you do other business that commands you to have trucks already you will need to sub work to grow it is a must as i see it
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    I kinda like one truck to one account.... one BIG account.

    (I need some sleep....)
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    I would think that a smaller one/two truck operation would be better off with more, but smaller accounts. That way, if you lose one, you only lose a tiny portion of your work. On the other hand, for a larger company, fewer, but larger jobs may be better suited. That means less customer maintenance.