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Hello everyone.

I received this email from Tom over at

I wanted to copy and paste this here in case any of you have ideas or suggestions. Your input is appreciated.



My wife also has M.S. Do you have a pickup or other 4X4
with hand controls. Some of the new fingertip controls
might work for you. We know a guy who is working on voice
controls, we also know a guy working on a way so that
paralyzed vets can work clear snow from the monuments in
D.C. We can also send this over to SnowPlow News to see
if the readers can help and to Chuck's readers also.
Give us all the info about you current vehicle status,
and we will shake some trees.
God bless you,
Tom / Beth wrote:
> Hey.
> I'm a disabled vet in a wheelchair with Multiple
> Sclerosis. I want to
> follow my childhood dream and have a horse even though
> living alone. If I
> can find an easy-to-use snow plow or a tractor w/blade
> that can be hand
> controlled, I may be able to manage a horse where I live
> in the wooded
> foothills of Colorado at 8,000 feet. What suggestions
> might you make for
> easy snow removal?
> Karen
> Christine

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The disabled vet should contact the local Veteran's Administration and apply for Vocational Rehabilitation for service under what is called Independent Living. If you wish, contact me privately by email at .
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Chuck Smith

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This is a tough one. I don't know exactly what you mean by a horse. I know a truck or tractor would be more reliable (or predictable should I say). I have a friend in a wheelchair, and he had his car fitted with hand controls. We all know plows operate with hand controls. It seems a truck with hand controls, and a plow, that can stay mounted on the truck all season long, would be a good choice. Maybe there is someone in your area that offers discounts to vets as far as installing hand controls? I have a friend or two in CO, and I can ask them if they know of anyone who offers such discounts, or services to vets. I know if I had a shop, I sure would.

~Chuck Smith

Eric ELM

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My 430 JD has all hand controls for speed, direction, and steering of course. It also has hydraulic angle and down pressure if needed for the 54" blade or the 48" 2 stage blower. I'm not sure how easy it would be for him to get in the cab of it though. It could be made bigger and it is nice and warm in there. I'm pretty banged up myself and I have put a few miles on my wheel chair, but my legs will get me around for short distances.

I know at one time, Dixie Chopper made a ramp device for handicaped people to get on them so they could mow. It is all hand operated and they do make a plow and blower for them also.

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When I worked in Kansas, there was a person who wanted to take over the family farm, but he was in a wheelchair. Rehab Engineering rigged a lift for him to get his wheelchair into the cab of his tractor. If I remember right, they also rigged something in the cab to hold the chair in place so it became the seat. I know they've also rigged gates to open electronically. I would think a plow could be fitted with electronics for hooking it up. Maybe oversized handles on the pins. There is really no reason why a wheelchair should keep a person from plowing snow.


Reply from Karen

"Thanks for your reply. I just purchased a new Ford E-150 van with lift and hand controls. I've been thinking of putting the old
hand controls on my antique automatic '63 GMC truck, but that wouldn't be any good in snow. I've got a guy who can plow my drive, so maybe a smaller blower would serve better. I need to be able to clear my decks and ramps and smaller paths to the horse's gate and hay shed, but I have to ride something to get there I use a 3 wheeled electric scooter for mobility purposes and it's worthless in snow. An ATV with a blade or a blower, or even a little bob cat is what I picture, using the imagination of someone who does not know.

Please, go ahead and shake the trees for me. I appreciate your help.